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A former middle school basketball friend named Averianna Patton received horrifying Instagram messages from Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale just before she opened fire at The Covenant School, killing three students and three adults. Hale informed Patton that they intended to pass away in the communications that were sent to the latter and retrieved by NewsChannel 5:

“Audrey (Aiden)” signed the message. Authorities claimed that although the shooter was born a woman, she identified as transgender and used the he/him pronouns. No other information regarding their transition, preferred pronouns, or designated names has been made public.

Averianna Patton Age

Averianna Patton’s age is Unkown.

Averianna Patton Incident Detail

Audrey Hale informed Patton in a series of subsequent messages that they do not want to live and that their family is unaware of what they are “going to do”: Hale additionally foresaw “something awful” happening on that day:

According to reports, Audrey Hale shot at people at The Covenant School about 10:13 AM before being shot and killed by police 15 minutes later. According to reports, Hale travelled to school in a Honda Fit, which was later found on the campus of Covenant Church/School and assisted authorities in locating the gunman.

After the deadly Nashville school shooting, Averianna Patton’s Instagram messages from Audrey Hale to her were published online. The shooter warned Patton that horrible things would happen in the communications and expressed a desire to die. She is the “most gorgeous person” the gunman has ever seen or met, according to Hale, who claimed they intended to inform Patton of their plans.

In reaction to the message, Patton was observed consoling Hale and admonishing them not to give up but to live: After reassuring Audrey Hale, Patton told NewsChannel 5 that she had called the Suicide Prevention Help Line. She then called the Nashville Davidson County Sheriff’s Office and was told to dial the non-emergency number in Nashville:

After learning that Audrey had previously admitted to others that they “had been suicidal in the past,” she made Patton realise the gravity of the situation. Additionally, she revealed that she found out Audrey Hale was the shooter at Nashville Covenant School after getting calls from other friends: At the time of writing, there are no other specifics concerning Averianna Patton’s private life available.

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