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The singer-actress appeared on the show in May 2018 and won over viewers with her rendition of I Wanna Be Loved By You from the 1928 musical Good Boy. Leybourne died in the early hours of Thursday morning, the vicar of his church told the PA news agency after his next of kin contacted him.

The Reverend Simon Grigg of St Paul’s in Covent Garden, also known as the Church of Actors, said she was an “incredible lady” with an “extraordinary career” and had been working until 18 months ago. He announced her death in a post on the church’s Facebook page that read:

Audrey Leybourne Age

Audrey Leybourne is 95 years old.

Audrey Leybourne  Cause of Death

“It is with deep sadness that we report the death of our very dear friend Audrey Leybourne, who passed away early Thursday morning. “She was a remarkable person, a veritable actress’ troupe (she began her career with Sir Donald Wolfit, no less) and a much-loved member of St. Paul’s.

“She has one last message for all of you. When she was in the hospital two weeks ago, she told me: ‘If I get out, tell everyone that I don’t regret anything.’ I have had a wonderful life. “Quite a statement. A whole lady. A complete Christian.

Leybourne was previously a member of the tap act The Roly Polys, who appeared on The Les Dawson Show on BBC One. During her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, she amused the jury and studio audience with her suggestive responses.

When asked by Judge Amanda Holden if she was married, Ella Leybourne replied: “No, I was in love many, many times… 22 gentlemen.” She also appeared on stage and gave her first pantomime performance, playing Potty T Potts in Beauty and the Beast, when she was 90 years old.

Presenter and charity activist Dame Esther Rantzen, a close friend of Leybourne’s for almost 40 years, described her as a “remarkable performer”. She told PA: “We send each other a Christmas card every Christmas, we have lunch together.

“She was versatile. She could do everything. She knew how to dance, she could sing, she could play the tuba. She could act “And she was so funny. She was full of humor and made growing old look like so much fun.

“It was a charming, adventurous, curious company. She was so lively and so talented. It was a pleasure to be with her.”

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