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Arielle Anderson,  was one of the victims of the shooting that took place at Michigan State University (MSC) on Monday. Aside from Arielle, the other two victims who lost their lives were identified as Brian Fraser (20) and Alexandria Verner (20).

In addition to the three students who died in the shooting, five were seriously injured and hospitalized. Arielle Diamond Anderson graduated from Grosse Pointe North High School in 2021. She was passionate about photography, as confirmed by Tim Davis, her uncle, and she also aspired to become a doctor.

Arielle Anderson Age

Arielle Anderson was 20 years old.

Arielle Anderson  Cause of Death

The 20 year-old has been described as “respectful” and “humble”. Anderson was reportedly related to reality star Deelishis, who took to Instagram to discuss her deceased niece. A vigil was held Tuesday to remember the victims of the shooting that took place at MSU on February 13, 2023.

Arielle Anderson’s family described her as a bright student and mentioned that she aspired to be a doctor. Dawana Davis, the heartbroken mother of Arielle Anderson, remembered her daughter and said: Flavor of Love reality star Deelishis, aka Chandra Davis, took to Instagram to upload a post saying that Arielle was in the classroom when the shooting happened.

She asked anyone with information on Arielle Anderson’s whereabouts to come forward. According to an NBC report, the shots were first heard on campus at 8:18 p.m. m. after the suspected shooter, Anthony McRae, entered the facility. He then fled and turned the gun on himself during a confrontation with Michigan officers.

Police discovered that the suspect possibly wanted to target two schools in New Jersey. In addition, they mentioned that the alleged gunman had no ties to Michigan State University. Authorities have yet to reveal the motive behind the tragic shooting that impacted the lives of many.

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