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On September 20, around 5:15 a.m. m., Elizabeth Gomes, 33, was attacked by a stranger at the Howard Seashore-JFK airport station in Queens. The brutal assault was captured on surveillance video and confirmed that Gomes was trying to escape from the male suspect. The suspect, 41-year-old Waheed Foster, allegedly tried to have a conversation with Gomes but became upset when she ignored him.

The video shows the person chasing the lady as she runs across the mezzanine. The man grabs Gomes and slams her against the wall, where she falls to the ground. While Gomes is still on the ground, the man punches her five times and stomps on her. Another man walks up to take the fight, but flees as quickly as the suspect turns on him. The video shows the suspect turning his attention from her to Gomes, who has now knelt. He approaches her slowly and hovers over her for a second before kicking her five more times.

Ariela Mascha Age

Ariela Mascha was 20 years old.

Ariela Mascha Cause of Death

Police responded to the scene and arrested Foster. Gomes was taken to the hospital, where she received treatment for a serious eye injury. In an emotional interview with WABC-TV, Gomes recounted the moments of that morning and talked about her accident. “Are you aware of how scared I am right now? He was by no means a person who was scared,” Gomes said. The victim explained that she could lose her imagination and clairvoyance in her right eye. She said: “The truth is that I can’t see anything on my right side. And it just hurts.

Gomes noted that her head still hurts from the attack and she has hardly slept late for a week. “Man, I saw the video and it breaks my heart,” said the victim’s husband, Clement Tucker. The victim explained that the attacker muttered incoherent nonsense and spoke of “Devil” before grabbing her and hitting her. “Every day there is an incident in the subway,” Gomes said. “What did all these policemen come up with who mentioned that they might have there to protect us? There is no one to discover. I do not perceive Following the assault on Gomes, Foster was charged with felony assault and is currently being held without bond.

In 1995, Foster was arrested at just 14 years old for beating and murdering his 82-year-old adoptive grandmother, Ariela Mascha. She suffered 20 damaged ribs, a stab wound to the leg, and a punctured liver. He later confessed to the murder and was convicted. Foster was arrested six years later for stabbing his sister with a screwdriver. Foster was arrested again in 2010 when he assaulted three employees at a psychiatric care facility where he was hospitalized. Police said he punched two employees and stabbed another in the cheek and shoulder. For that assault, Foster was sentenced to probation until November 2024.

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