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Netflix’s trailer for real bad deeds I Just Killed My Dad was delivered on Thursday; The series revolves around the mind-boggling, never-before-told, self-evident story of Anthony Templet and the Templet family.

Anthony Templet shot and killed his father at his home in Baton, Rogue, Louisiana, in June 2019 and has never denied it (via TheAdvocate).

According to the WAFB report, Anthony was dozing off when his father, Burt Templet, unsteadily woke him up at 3 a.m. The two began a fight over the phone with Burt’s ex Susan Templet, and the feud escalated rapidly.

17-Year-Old Anthony Templet Arrested for Involuntary Manslaughter The 17-year-old’s group said Anthony was grabbed by his father when he was just five years old and they had no idea where he was until they captured him. for shooting his father multiple times with a gun, KOHU detailed.

Anthony revealed that he went back to his room to drop the question, however his father followed him, coming on strong and starting a real attack. As the situation rapidly escalated, Templet secured himself in his father’s bedroom and snatched two pistols in case the first failed.

According to WRBZ, Templet was captured and charged with attempted murder after the episode. However, those charges were moved to manslaughter after his father died three days after the fact.

Anthony’s family accused his father of abuse Templet’s relative, Natasha, turned to WAFB and found out that her brother was kidnapped from their home in Texas in 2008 when he was just five years old. She also mentioned that Burt had been with his mother for about a decade, was deeply hurtful, and had a drinking problem.

When Anthony was a child, Burt held him while he abused his mother, Natasha told WAFB. Realizing that Burt had family close to her, she and her mother put up missing banners around Baton Rogue when Burt disappeared with her child decades earlier.

Natasha told WAFB that Anthony has been cut off and mistreated by his father for quite some time since he was kidnapped. Anthony, who has been residing in his father’s family, was prohibited from going to class or having associations with other relatives.

Anthony received a plea agreement of five years of supervised probation. Anthony was released to live on bond with his stepmother and stepbrother on Thursday, December 2019. After discharge, he was expected to remain under supervision and undergo medication tests. .

The jury awarded Templet five years of directed probation after she agreed to a plea deal and argued she did not challenge the crime through negligence in March 2021. In any case, prosecutor Dana Gummings said, how could time help? in prison a young man who never really had a chance? be on daily schedule over the world?

As part of your application deal, you must earn a high school endorsement and choose between enrolling in school or finding a regular line of work a short time later. According to The Advocate, your history will be erased if you agree.

The narrative series on Templet’s story called “I Just Killed My Dad” will be delivered on Netflix on August 9 this year.