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Celebrity stylist and owner of Glass Hair salon Richard Glass has opened up about his last encounter with the late actress Anne Heche before she crashed her car into a house. Glass seemed furious at people blaming and questioning him for her involvement in Heche’s tragic death. Glass also felt guilty for Heche’s sudden and unfortunate death and mourned the loss of her.

The day Heche’s car crashed into a Mar Vista home, shortly before 11 am on August 5, Heche visited Glass Hair to shop for a wig. According to Glass, Heche was acting “a sweet girl” when she bought a bright red wig at the Glass Hair Design salon in Venice, the Los Angeles Times reported. However, according to the celebrity hair and makeup artist, Heche “wasn’t speaking cursive” when she stopped by her salon around 10:35 a.m.

Anne Heche Age

Anne Heche is 53 years old.

Incident Detail

According to Glass, Heche immediately noticed some wigs displayed on a shelf above her laundry area, ranging in color from natural to shocking pink to solid white, and asked about a blue one. When Glass said that he had already had one, Heche said that she would buy a bright red wig instead.

According to the salon owner, he told Heche that the red wig hadn’t been cut, styled or even washed yet, but the 53-year-old didn’t care. He recognized her when he went to call her and they proceeded to take several selfies together. He shared a photo of the two of them, complete with a wig, on his Instagram account.

However, the moment the image of Heche and Glass appeared on the internet, people began accusing Glass of supplying Heche with drugs and fentanyl. Glass told TMZ that he can’t believe people thought he supplied Heche with cocaine and fentanyl, which were found in his system after the accident. Glass claimed that he has never used drugs and that those who accuse him are simply malicious.

Glass also stated that he believes that a higher power may have sent Heche to his living room to save his life. He’s clearly punishing himself for something he has no control over, but he feels it so strongly in his mind that it’s real. After suffering serious burns and injuries, the actress was declared brain dead on August 12. According to her agent, who spoke to TMZ, the 53-year-old star’s heartbeat was kept to preserve organs from her body for her donation.

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