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Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi Wiki – Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi  Biography

The iconic dance-drama film ‘Dirty Dancing’ celebrates its 35th anniversary on August 21, and as the date approaches, the film’s lead star’s wife, Patrick Swayze, paid a fitting tribute to her late husband. . Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Lisa Niemi revealed how she still feels close to her late husband and misses him more than a decade after his death.

Niemi in her latest interview also recalled the iconic scene from the award-winning film where Patrick Swayze picks up Jennifer Gray during a dance sequence in the film. Niemi revealed that Swayze was fully prepared for it. For the uninitiated, Niemi was married to Swayze from 1975 until his death in 2009. The actor, dancer, and singer, known for movies like ‘Ghost,’ ‘Dirty Dancing,’ and ‘Point Break,’ succumbed to breast cancer. pancreas at the age of 57

Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi Age

Patrick Swayze is 57 years old and Lisa Niemi is 66 years old.

Incident Detail

Talking to ET! Online, Lisa Niemi talked about her late husband saying, “I don’t think there’s anything I don’t miss about him. He has such a zest for life and this and that, but it’s all the little things that remain.” She continued, “It’s the sound of his voice, how he smells, all the things that they put him in the room with you that are physical.”

Niemi further shared, “It is very strange for me, because he left 13 years ago. It’s strange. That’s quite a long time, and it’s very strange to have someone so far away and yet have them so incredibly close to your heart,” adding, “I feel like he’s with me every day, but of course it would be nice to have him physically in the room. room. But I’ll tell you what, we had a great trip and there’s a lot to be thankful for.” Niemi and Swayze had no children, but she suffered a miscarriage. The two first met in 1970 when Swayze was 18 and Niemi was 14. She used to take dance lessons from the actor’s mother.

Lisa Niemi, a day before the 35th anniversary of ‘Dirty Dancing,’ shared how her husband was strong enough to lift the iconic elevator that has become a well-known pop culture reference. “When Patrick was still alive, he always said, ‘I’m in my second generation of fans’ … he was approached by young people who weren’t even born when the movie came out,” she told Niemi.

Shedding light on the dance scene, she shared, “Patrick loves going out and he was strong enough to do all those things,” adding, “so when they want to pull off a big lift, he’s like, ‘I’ve got one for you. . ‘” It was previously reported that ‘Dirty Dancing’ lead actress Jennifer Gray was on board to produce the sequel to the 1987 romantic drama dance film. It was also reported that she would star in it. However, Niemi, speaking about the same, he stated: “I wouldn’t do it again. [The way they] left her was absolutely perfect. There were several iterations of a script for that movie, but Patrick had a high standard and he wasn’t going to do it just for the money.”

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