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Anna Repkina, a 26-year-old woman from Moscow, was caught in a love triangle that resulted in her death in 2017. The Russian woman fell in love with a man from the US, William Hargrove, who was already looking for a relationship with a married woman, Michelle Chavez.

When Chávez gave her an ultimatum, he thought it was best for her to get rid of Repkina and decided to shoot her with a shotgun. Repkina’s body was found buried inside garbage in a remote area of Alsea. Hargrove was convicted while Michelle was able to get out of the clutches of the law.

Anna Repkina Age

Anna Repkina was 27 years old.

Anna Repkina  Cause of Death

Anna’s chilling story will be detailed in Investigation Discovery’s true crime series Calls From the Inside. The episode titled An Inconvenient Romance will air on January 31. In 2017, Anna wanted to give her online relationship with William Hargrove a breakthrough, so she decided to move to the US. Little did she know that her boyfriend was also dating Michelle Chavez.

When Anna made her relationship official on the social media platform, Chavez was furious. Worse yet, Hargrove gave Anna the very ring that Chavez once gave to her boyfriend, as a token of their relationship. Enraged, Chavez gave Hargrove an ultimatum. He told William that if Anna was going to stay in her life, she would have to lose Chavez. However, during her trial, Chávez admitted that he did not intend for her to be killed.

After receiving the ultimatum, William borrowed a shotgun from a friend and killed her. He reportedly told his friend that he lent her the shotgun that he wanted to “go into the woods and blow off some steam.” Anna’s body was discovered by two caretakers. She was dumped in a secluded spot in Alsea. The caretakers immediately informed the police and they were able to find enough evidence around him to track down the perpetrator.

Anna was discarded along with some cigarette cartons, candy wrappers and fast food bags. However, among the trash was a bill from a fast food company. This was the most important clue the investigators found. After killing Anna, William was out shopping. He paid for his car insurance with Anna’s money and started buying cigarettes and Legos. His friend said that he often bought things that he did not need.

However, it seemed that William regretted killing Anna, as some chats with friends online revealed that he often asked how to stop her “best friend” of hers from doing something he shouldn’t. William was arrested shortly thereafter and convicted of a second degree felony. identity theft and murder. In January 2020, he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole only after 25 years. He is currently serving his sentence at the Snake River Correctional Institution.

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