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Anna Elicia Perez and Mila Zuloaga Wiki – Anna Elicia Perez and Mila Zuloaga Biography

After learning that she and a 35-year-old pregnant lady were both inadvertent participants in a love triangle with the same man, who was attacked at a crowded restaurant, a 34-year-old police officer in South Florida found herself behind bars last week. officials stated. According to court documents analysed by Law&Crime, Miami-Dade police officers Mila Zuloaga and Anna Elicia Perez were both detained on Friday and charged with one count of assault each for the alleged incident.

Officer Perez had a romantic relationship with a guy who has not been identified, which she believed to be monogamous, according to a report by Miami NBC station WTVJ. Zuloaga, who is purportedly seven months along with the man’s pregnancy, apparently thought she was living with him and in a monogamous relationship. The ladies allegedly confronted the victim about the love triangle at Miller’s Ale House, a sports bar located in the 13000 block of South Dixie Highway in Palmetto Bay, roughly 15 miles south of Miami.

Anna Elicia Perez and Mila Zuloaga Age

Anna Elicia Perez  is 34 years old.

Anna Elicia Perez and Mila Zuloaga Incident Detail

It’s unclear how the women learned about each other’s relationships with the victim. The victim was allegedly approached by Perez and Zuloaga, and the three of them got into a “verbal dispute” that swiftly turned into a “physical confrontation,” according to a copy of the police report that CBS News was able to get.

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During the alleged assault, Officer Pérez y Zuloaga allegedly “intentionally struck the victim in the face and upper body with their hands multiple times,” according to police records. The man reportedly sustained redness and bruising on his face and lower lip as a result of the altercation. On that day, Pérez’s coworkers from the Miami-Dade Police Department detained Pérez and Zuloaga.

According to CBS News, Perez allegedly acknowledged to repeatedly pushing and punching the victim during an interview with investigators. Zuloaga was transferred to the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Office of Special Victims while Perez was processed and taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Centre.

It’s unknown how long Perez has worked with the MDPD. Law & Crime sent messages to the department asking for more information regarding Perez’s time working for the organisation and the alleged attack, but the government did not react right away. Freddy Ramirez, the director of the Miami-Dade Police Department, expressed his displeasure with Perez’s behaviour on Monday and stated that the police and prosecutors are jointly examining the charges.

“I am unhappy in this officer’s behaviour. On and off duty, we are held to a higher standard of behaviour, he stated on Monday. “Even though this officer wasn’t on duty, her actions violated our department’s core values and were unacceptable. We will collaborate closely with the State Attorney’s Office to carry out an exhaustive and open investigation.According to reports, Perez has been given a paid leave of absence while the Miami State Attorney’s Office conducts an investigation.

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