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Had Andrea Iervolino been married before? The net worth of Selena Gomez’s alleged boyfriend  Italian-Canadian film producer and businessman Andrea Iervolino was reportedly seen on a yacht with singer Selena Gomez. Fans are eager to find out more about him and others are wondering if they are dating or not.

Selena Gomez, who is still in her early 30s, is clearly enjoying herself immensely. The actress and singer recently sailed on a luxurious yacht with an Italian producer named Andrea Lervolino to usher in a new decade.

On board on August 3, while on a yacht in Positano, Italy, the former Disney girl was seen approaching the director. In footage obtained by the Daily Mail, she could be seen sitting next to the handsome man and talking to the filmmaker.

Selena laughed as Andrea helped her into the water to swim while holding her hands. She was seen holding her legs as she sat on the side of the boat singing “Lose You to Love Me”.

They went for a fun ride on a yellow inflatable with several friends during the nice day

Had Andrea Iervolino been married before?

Andrea Iervolino is not a husband or father of children. Since this assertion lacks any evidence to support it.

He is a very private person when it comes to his personal life. Before being seen on a long vacation with singer Selena Gomez, we can assume that he was single.

Now he is celebrating his 30th birthday in Italy. On Wednesday, she seemed to have fun as she soaked up the sun in a dark swimsuit. She showed off his exceptional physical appearance alongside director Andrea Iervolino aboard an opulent ship in Positano, Italy.

In the pictures, which you can see here, Selena held his hand as he helped her into the water, sunbathing next to him and even sitting close to him as they chatted at a table.

In other pictures, she dangled her feet from the boat and Andrea flirtatiously grabbed her ankles as he swam in the ocean.

But this is not the first time they have been captured together in a photo. Since the two have been linked for four years, fans are thrilled with this most recent appearance.

When Selena celebrated her 27th birthday with a trip to Italy in 2019, that’s when the two first connected. While spending time together on a 4th of July yacht cruise, the couple was also photographed in Los Angeles the year before.

Andrea Iervolino, rumored boyfriend of Selena Gomez, is rich

Selena Gomez’s alleged current lover, Andrea Iervolino, is believed to have a net worth of around $5 million.

He is a successful businessman and filmmaker. His first film shown in this nation is The Merchant of Venice, which premiered in the United States at the 2004 Venice Film Festival.

In addition, 77 of the productions on the list were the result of contributions from producer Iervolino. Co-executive producer, associate producer and executive producer are all positions he has held. He has two acting credits and four directing credits, according to IMDb.

Additionally, he is listed as the founder and CEO of various projects on his Instagram bio. The first social media app that compensates you for using social media and viewing content is TaTaTu. TaTaTu is a platform built on the blockchain.

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