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Deepings School headmaster Alun Ebenezer introduced extreme disciplinary measures as he was “determined to raise standards” at the Lincolnshire school, which Ofsted inspectors have twice rated as “needing improvement”. Ebenezer has shown no remorse regarding the strict set of rules he has introduced and has refused to back down after kicking students out of classes for wearing the wrong kind of black socks.

50 children were placed in isolation on Monday, September 26 for violating the school’s strict dress code. These included students who wore the wrong type of black socks, with some being told they were too short, even though no skin was visible in photographs taken by a parent. Ebenezer was accused of being ‘heavy handed’ and running a ‘police state’ and concerned parents lashed out at the school. However, the principal defended the zero-tolerance policy, saying that any lapse in discipline “leads to carnage.”

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Alun Ebenezer is 73 years old.

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Ebenezer previously ran Fulham Boys School, where a Rastafarian boy was asked to shave his hair if he wanted to attend classes, according to the Daily Mail. “The school requires improvement and I am determined to raise the standards and make it one of the best area schools. I passionately believe in uniform standards, behavior, appearance, and attitude,” he told the outlet. “The policy says students have to wear sheer black socks or black leggings and now I’m enforcing that. I sent this in a letter at the beginning of term, and we gave them the first few weeks to work it out, then we sent out a couple of reminders. I invited parents to come and talk if they wanted and about 100 attended. Ninety-six percent of the school is in immaculate uniform, but four percent are not and we put them in isolation. We have to enforce these rules.” .

He went on to say, “Teachers say it’s fantastic the way students respond, but obviously there will be a minority that doesn’t engage. Little things matter and I would say whether a student is wearing bright or white socks.” , you realize. We have people in our school from very different backgrounds and I want a uniform that everyone identifies with and not one where you can tell who is better off.” “The difference in behavior and attitude in having these standards is tangible. pride in the school and more aspirations. I don’t want students with a bunch of multicolored socks that make them look scruffy,” he added. “You may think that little things, like the type of socks or a pair of pants, don’t matter, but when You put it all together, the pupils look flawless, and it’s a better experience for everyone.”

A father who did not want to reveal his name said he was “baffled” by the decision to exclude his daughter. “Apparently, her plain black ankle socks and long pants didn’t fit the rules. The rules apparently state that socks must not be ankle socks and must be above the ankle,” he said. “The actions taken are completely unreasonable and have only served to disrupt my daughter’s education. This is the last thing needed at a critical point in her education, especially after the disruption of the covid pandemic. I know there has to be standards, but the punishment must be proportionate. The uniform is a minor infraction: they should just talk to the student and then escalate the matter if it continues.”

“My son was kicked out of class for wearing non-regulation socks. It’s crazy. They are black socks with a very faint line in the design, but apparently they weren’t ‘plain enough’ despite being hidden under the pants said another. father who did not want to be named. “It’s not just heavy-handed, it’s like a kind of police state.” Another said: “My son, who is really doing his best to improve his grades, was kicked out of classes when the teacher said his socks were ‘too short.’ It should show skin under the socks.” trouser hem. It would really be ridiculous if it wasn’t true. Pupils excluded from the school, which caters for 1,449 children aged 11 to 18, were ordered to spend the day at the ‘behavior inclusion center’.”

“We had our highest attended open evening this week because people are drawn to these high standards. It was the same when I was at Fulham, we had students who could have gone to Eton but they came to us,” said Ebenezer. “We’re talking about 1,500 students, and the vast majority want high standards, so people feel safe and happy and can thrive in our school. Of course, there will be some who don’t want to do that, but we’ve tried to engage and point out that if it’s a money issue, we can help.”

Ebenezer said he, too, is determined to improve standards in student manners, posture, speech and body language. “I’ve shut out a lot of students so far, just for one day, and they come to school the next day with their parents and we talk. At first it seemed like I was shutting out one student every half year.” hour just to get the point across. If I keep doing that after the middle of the term there will be a problem, but I don’t think that will happen,” he said. “I’ve told the teachers that the first semester will be difficult, but the culture will have changed by the time school opens after the holidays. Then it’s just going to be a tough game. There are just pockets of bad attitude that they are trying to change. With a significant number there is the idea that ‘I won’t do anything I don’t want to do’. The most serious thing is the open challenge because if everyone did that there would be a butchery.

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