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A former neonatal ICU nurse, who was forced to leave her profession after her employer found out about her OnlyFans account, has now revealed her lavish lifestyle. Allie Rae was working as a nurse before creating her page on the adult content sharing platform in September 2020.

The 34-year-old has said that she now earns $75,000 a month and doesn’t “care about the price” when buying things. In a recently published interview with Truly, Rae said, “It definitely feels a little weird being able to buy whatever you want and not worry about the price. But I would say I’m still a bit of a budgeter and I like to at least know I’m spending my money wisely.”

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Allie Rae is 27 years old.

Incident Detail

Rae also flaunted her most expensive purchases, which included her $2 million home that comes with a chef’s kitchen, filming space, a walk-in closet, gym, and office space. Although the place has “everything” she dreamed of, she stated that she would “upgrade my mansion to a luxury condo on the water.” She also reportedly owns a custom-built white Porsche worth $120,000.

Rae noted: “I wanted something of quality that would last forever, that would have a really good reputation and that’s what ultimately led me to buy this Porsche”, before explaining: “If I had to sell the Porsche I would definitely replace it.” it is somewhat smaller and sportier, especially as my children get older. I don’t think I need mom’s cell phone to be able to carry hockey bags, so I would definitely go for something smaller and sportier.”

During her interview, Rae also talked about her third expensive thing, her study. equipment. She said: “Another one of my big splurges has been on studio gear, as a content creator it’s very important to me to have the best of the best for gear. My studio kit is very important to me, especially my broadcast gear. I definitely stream pretty often, so I definitely use it every day.

I think I could do without it though, I initially built my career off of my iPhone, so I could always go back to that.” Rae also owns koi fish that were “imported from Japan”. “I really think they bring very good luck and I definitely wouldn’t want to leave them behind and then have ten years of voodoo bad luck,” she added.

Rae’s interview has attracted a lot of comments on YouTube with one viewer saying, “She’s such an inspiration (I’m just talking about the hard work part)”. Another wrote: “Whenever I think of onlyfans the first word that comes to mind is GLAMOR for sure…glamor model lol :D.

” The third said: “So all you have to do is have a perfect picture. face and body to be a ‘content creator’ and be a billionaire… I’m sure it doesn’t happen to me ??”. “Man why wasn’t I born a pretty blonde… ??? I bet people will still argue that anyone can pull this off with any method to make money,” added the fourth

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