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Paul Rice, father of Alison Rice, a 21-year-old LSU student who was shot to death in September 2022, has opened up after the death of Madison Brooks. The grieving father called for a “cultural change” within the community. According to the Daily Mail, he said: ”

Crime is everywhere, it’s becoming rampant and despite our leaders and people trying to come together to make change, these things keep happening. It’s not safe. Enough is enough. In Ultimately, this is a cultural change that is needed here. There are segments of our population and areas of our city that need to be addressed.”

Alison Rice Age

Alison Rice was 25 years old.

Alison Rice Cause of Death

He continued: “There’s been a history for many years in that area where the bar is, there’s been a lot of fighting and drug activity in the area. A lot of bad things have happened and a lot of the bars have a reputation for catering to underage customers. also.

That’s one of the things that has come to light in this particular case, three of the people that have been arrested, plus Madi, were all underage and that bar served them alcohol. There’s a reputation there. ” Paul stated: “‘Ultimately, Allie and Madi have different circumstances but the same outcome.

As parents, we send our children to school as young adults and hope they have the opportunity to mature into responsible adults, established in a great career path, but tragically that has been taken away from us.” He then added: ‘It is something that is very difficult to overcome. Allie’s murder happened in an area that isn’t technically the LSU campus, it was a couple of miles away.

But Madi’s is within walking distance of campus and caters to LSU students. He also noted, “This incident has exposed more of the kind of problem we have here in Baton Rouge, and particularly with violent crime, whether it’s gun related or not.” Further, Paul said: ”

They need love and attention, they need something, whether it’s counseling or something to keep the kids in school, we just have to find a way to get answers on how to stop the problems from continuing. I haven’t spoken to the Madi’s parents, but I would tell them that I don’t have to imagine the pain they are in, it is what we have felt for the last four months, it is horrible what has happened to her, and anything we can do to support them, we are ready and willing “.

He told the outlet: “My main message to these college-age youth is that they need to understand the need to travel in groups and stick together, otherwise it’s not safe. I saw a big post on social media that said women They’d go to the bar together, they’d go out together, they’d go to the bathroom together, and they wouldn’t let anyone get separated or they’d really take care of each other.”

Paul stated: “I really think it’s something that needs to be pushed again, staying in groups to stay safe. It’s got to be a wake-up call to these students here to think they’re safe going somewhere they’re going.” all the time, but you don’t know who is waiting to attack you and take advantage of you. Take care of your friends. And it’s not just a girl problem, the boys need to stick together too.”

Rice was a 21-year-old marketing student at LSU. He was shot multiple times while he was in his car on September 16 while waiting for one of his friends in his car, according to the Daily Mail. No suspects have been arrested by police so far in this case. His death, meanwhile, was the 74th in the past year in the East Baton Rouge parish and came after a series of crimes against LSU students.

Although the family is still offering a $50,000 reward for anyone who comes forward with information, police have not identified any suspects. According to People, when Rice died, her father, Paul, said, “Everyone loved her. She had no enemies of hers. Friends of hers had loved her very much.” At 4:45 am, as the police were knocking on her door, Paul realized that something was terribly wrong.

He said: “They kept bringing up Allie’s name. Finally, I asked, ‘Well, is Allie okay?’ And that’s when the policeman said: ‘No sir, now she herself is with the coroner. She did not survive.'” Paul said: “My heart sank to my feet. I was in complete shock.” Five days later, Paul buried his daughter in a Baton Rouge cemetery. He said: “I don’t think she really figured out what her true passions were, to be honest.

She was someone who could change quite often, but she was a passionate kid.” She would learn the music I liked so she could sing it in the van with me while we traveled. If she doesn’t hear from me in a couple of days, she’ll call me to tell me she’s okay and make sure I’m okay.”

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