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In vengeance against her divorced husband, whom she claims vandalised his own father’s final resting place, Alexis Nicole Jackson is charged with peeing on her father-in-law’s tombstone and stealing a vase of flowers from the location. The accusation against Alexis Jackson is desecration of a house of worship or grave. She told a friend on April 8 that she had committed the crime at Forest Lawn Funeral Home and Memorial Gardens in Goodlettesville, Tennessee, according to the arrest affidavit.

According to Nashville police, Ms. Jackson later claimed that she stole the vase and defecated on the gravestone in revenge because she thought Mr. Jackson had vandalised the gravestone of her own father in a recent unrelated incident. In connection with the dissolution of her marriage to Shawn Jackson, Alexis Jackson has now been charged three times in Davidson County. Her husband was allegedly punched in the face as they were spending the night together, according to a previous charge against her.

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Alexis Nicole Jackson’s age is Unkown.

Alexis Nicole Jackson incident Detail

Shawn Jackson allegedly contacted the police to report activity at his wife’s graveyard. According to the papers, “he claimed his soon-to-be ex-wife, Alexis Jackson, stole the vase from her father’s headstone and then urinated on the grave site.” He heard from a mutual friend. The common buddy allegedly told the police how he picked up Alexis Jackson and drove her to her new boyfriend’s house in Hendersonville, a community located approximately 18 miles northeast of Nashville.

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They stopped at a market along the road, where the friend used the loo. According to the paperwork, “he observed that Ms. Jackson had the vase of flowers in her possession when he returned to her vehicle.” The companion recalled asking Jackson about it and hearing that it was the vase on her father-in-law’s grave that was the cause.

She claimed that the buddy left Jackson off at the home of her new boyfriend. According to the complaint, Alexis Jackson left the vase in her friend’s car, and that friend later alerted her husband about the event. Shawn Jackson eventually received the vase back. In the previously mentioned separate case for “assault, domestic bodily injury,” Alexis Jackson is the defendant.

The documents state that on January 25, her husband contacted the police to her house to report that his wife had stolen her car. The officers reported that Mr. Jackson said his wife had just revoked the protection order and asked to spend the night with him. “Ms. Jackson became upset for an unidentified reason during the night, and Mr. Jackson tried to soothe her.”

She allegedly struck him in the left eye, he said. According to him, he encircled her with his arms to stop her from beating him any harder till she cooled down. After quickly receiving a call from a friend, he stole her car’s keys and left. In a different proceeding, Alexis Jackson is accused of “violating the no contact order – DV bail condition.” Despite a no-contact directive in her release conditions, Alexis Jackson visited this person’s home on February 14 according to camera evidence, according to the police, who did not identify the specific victim in this case.

According to court documents, “the defendant has attempted to contact the victim on blocked numbers numerous times with the latest incident dated 03/08/2023 at 10:12 a.m.”A request for comment from Law & Crime was not immediately answered by Alexis Jackson’s past criminal cases’ counsel. Her $3,000 bail in the desecration charge has not been recorded in the Davidson County jail books as of Monday. On June 2, a court appearance is set.

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