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Alastair Aiken Wiki – Alastair Aiken Biography

Alastair Aiken is a British YouTube star and a full-time YouTuber who offers gaming recordings. Alastair, broadly known by his nickname ‘Ali-A,’ known for Call of Duty and Fortnite critiques and video blogs.

He is involved with Clare Siobhan Callery, who is likewise a British Youtuber. He rose to conspicuousness in 2009 when he started to transfer his interactivity recordings on his YouTube channel. The British YouTuber has two YouTube channels.

Alastair Aiken Age

Alastair Aiken is 27 years old.

Alastair Aiken Family – Alastair Aiken Fast Facts

Alastair Aiken: Age, and Height Alastair Aiken was born on 6 November 1993. He is presently 27 years of age starting the present date, 5 March 2021, and has a Zodiac indication of Scorpio. Alastair Aiken Biography, and Family Alastair was born in London, United Kingdom, and holds British ethnicity.

The English YouTuber has not uncovered his instructive foundation instead of zeroing in on his gaming vocation. Prior to arriving at distinction, he transfers short gaming cuts on his YouTube direct in 2009, at first zeroing in on Modern Warfare 2 clasps.

He has his brother named Simon, who has showed up in his recordings. Notwithstanding, the personality of his folks stays a secret. Alastair Aiken Love Relationship With Clare Siobhan Callery Alastair Aiken is an expert gamer and YouTuber who keeps his life occupied with messing around and making recordings connected with those games.

Despite the fact that from his bustling planning vocation, he is in a committed relationship with Clare Siobhan Callery. Clare Callery is likewise a popular English YouTuber and gamer who rose to distinction after transfers gaming recordings on YouTube, for example, playing computer games including ‘The Sims4’, ‘Vital mission at hand,’ ‘Veil Effect,’ and others.

The gaming team was the first familiar with each other in 2014 at a London gaming occasion named ‘Titanfall.’ around the same time of 2014, they met again at the Gamescom in Germany. The two of them promptly hitched up after they shared a lot of equivalent interests and have an equivalent enthusiasm for gaming.

The gaming couple began their dating process on 14 June 2015. The couple likewise runs a common channel named Clare and Ali while, the channel was made back on 23 April 2018. Additionally, several offers pictures on their separate web-based entertainment accounts.

Alastair Aiken Net Worth In 2021 As of March 2021, Ali-A has an expected total assets of $23 million, as indicated by Ali-A makes his fortune from his essential profession as a video maker and one of the most popular British YouTuber.

Alastair Aiken is one of the most Call of Duty YouTube gamers and used to play different games, including Minecraft, Fortnite, and Pokemon Go. Aside from his pay through YouTube, Alastair has his internet based entry to sell stock items, including Ali-A, marked T-shirts, covers, rucksacks, and some more.

The renowned YouTuber likewise has a sponsorship manage Monster Beverages, Doritos Uk, LG, and Nokia Mobiles. Alastair Aiken YouTube Career, and Earning Alastair Aiken made his most memorable YouTube channel named ‘Ali-A’ on 13 September 2006 and has very nearly 18 million supporters.

He principally centered around his analyses, live response, and updates. The computer games that he normally plays and offers on the channel are Call of Duty and Fortnite. Alastair Aiken transferred his most memorable YouTube video named “go tossing blade!’ ~ MW2 ~’ on 14 November 2009.

At this point, the video has gathered very nearly 712 k perspectives up to this point. One of his well known recordings ‘ “Extraordinary mission at hand: Black Ops 2 GAMEPLAY” – Extended Footage Mission 1 – COD BO2 Official E3 2012 HD’, came on 6 June 2012 collected practically a larger number of than 21 million perspectives.

Naibuzz reports ‘Ali-A’ YouTube channel has a normal of 1,1 million perspectives each day. This channel produces an expected income of around $8,800 each day and $ 3.2 million per year. Similarly, on his subsequent channel, ‘MoreAliA,’ made on 6 May 2013 and has right around 7 million endorsers.

In this channel, his content is normally around more family-accommodating games like Minecraft, Among Us, Pokeman Go, and video blogs about his everyday life and ventures. One of his famous recordings on his subsequent channel title, ‘Pokemon GO Episode #1 – CATCHING POKEMON!’ came on 7 July 2016, where he collected practically in excess of 13 million perspectives up until this point.

On this channel, ‘MoreAliA’ has aggregated over 1.7 million perspectives and gets a normal of 840,000 perspectives each day. The channel produces an expected income of around $6,700 each day and $2.4 million every year.

Alastair Aiken Awards and Achievement In 2015, Ali-A had Worte his name in Guinness Book of World Records for the ‘Most Popular Call of Duty Channel by perspectives’ and ‘Most well known Call of Duty Channel by endorsers.’

The tallest flight of stairs worked in one moment in Minecraft and Most blocks of wood gathered shortly in Minecraft is one of his World Records, all acquired in the year 2015.

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