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Is AJ Ferrari currently incarcerated in Payne County? Former wrestler accused of sexual assault After being arrested on suspicion of sexual assault by a lady, AJ Ferrari is currently in custody in the Payne County court. He had a solid reputation as a freestyle wrestler.

AJ Ferrari, an Italian-American freestyle and folkstyle wrestler, competes at 197 pounds for his varsity team and 92 kilos internationally.

Ferrari is a former Oklahoma State University folk-style wrestling Division I national champion who also won the Big 12 Conference. Additionally, at the time of his engagement, Ferrari was the top-ranked high school wrestler.

When neighborhood police stated that they were investigating Ferrari for sexual assault, Ferrari resigned from the OSU wrestling team. On July 8, 2022, Ferrari was charged with sexual assault in Payne County District Court.

Is AJ Ferrari currently incarcerated in Payne County?

Yes, AJ Ferrari is being held in the Payne County Jail after being charged with sexual assault on a woman. She filed a lawsuit against him.

Prosecutors have made a sexual assault allegation against former Oklahoma State wrestler AJ Ferrari. He is currently wanted on a warrant for his arrest. A bond of $25,000 is required.

The Payne County District Court heard the indictment Wednesday morning. Additionally, on July 5, a woman who had accused Ferrari of sexual assault filed for an immediate protection order.

The woman called the police and reported the incident. The Stillwater Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Unit was investigating the situation, according to a news release.

SPD submitted the file to the Payne County District Attorney’s Office when the investigation was completed for consideration of charging. SPD stated at the time in a statement that it was “committed to fully examining these cases.”

AJ Ferrari was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault.

After being arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of sexual violence, AJ Ferrari is currently trending online.

The arrest affidavit that SPD filed with the court includes the police interview with the person blaming Ferrari. And in his emergency protection order, which is still largely in effect, he made many of the same claims against Ferrari.

The case currently only has one charge attached. The maximum punishment for a charge of sexual assault of an adult for the first time is ten years.

Ferrari’s attorney, Derek Chance, claims his client has been cooperating with police and the accusations against him are false.

In mid-July, OSU wrestling coach John Smith made Ferrari’s departure official. His departure was not explained by the university.

Details about AJ Ferrari’s wife and family

Due to his youth and lack of marriage, AJ Ferrari’s family does not include a wife.

Ashtin Marie Martinez is his girlfriend. However, she also filed for a protective order against him, so investigators are currently withholding most of the information from him.

Ferrari began to struggle after his family moved to Dallas from his native Allen, Texas. Ferrari and his family are devout Christians and patriotic Italian Americans.

Ferrari, who was born and raised in Texas, first attended Allen High School where he won two Texas state championships, the Cadet Fargo National Wrestling Championship and the Walsh Jesuit Ironman Championship.

Before moving to New Jersey with his family, Ferrari won a bronze medal at the 2018 World Cadet Championships. He then enrolled in the Blair Academy as the highest-ranked 195-pound athlete in the country.