Who are Aden Heyman, Angel Portillo and Anthony Martin? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Incident Detail

Aden Heyman, Angel Portillo and Anthony Martin

Aden Heyman, Angel Portillo and Anthony Martin Wiki – Aden Heyman, Angel Portillo and Anthony Martin Biography

Heyman, Aden Anthony Martin and Angel Portillo are both charged with second-degree criminal sexual penetration. They were taken into custody and booked into jail on Wednesday night, according to the Albuquerque Police Department. According to NBC station KOB in Albuquerque, they silently appeared in court by video on Thursday, when lawyers submitted not-guilty pleas.The occurrence took place on July 15.

The woman asserts that throughout the day’s golf tournament, she voluntarily shared drinks with Portillo and Martin. The Villas at Menaul, an apartment building on Menaul Boulevard in the northeastern section of the city, is where Martin then extended an invitation to the others to return to the swimming pool. The lady informed authorities that Heyman later reconnected with the group there.

Aden Heyman, Angel Portillo and Anthony Martin Age

Aden Heyman is 46 years old Angel Portillo is 36 years old and Anthony Martin is 44v years old.

Aden Heyman, Angel Portillo and Anthony Martin Incident Detail

The lady told police that while they “were swimming, laughing, and having fun,” when Heyman arrived, “the energy shifted,” according to a criminal complaint that the Albuquerque Journal was able to receive. The woman apparently claimed that as time passed, her memories “began to fade,” but she did recall that when she awoke, the men were holding her down and turning her into a sexual object.

Police were informed by the lady that she was “terrified” and that Heyman was “coaching the other two.” The woman climbed out the window, making up a reason to go to the bathroom. Around 11 p.m., a couple discovered her hunched over and sobbing next to the pool and contacted the police. According to the woman, she had consensual sex with one of the men at first, but after she “lost a couple of hours,” she was being raped by at least two males, and nothing in the bedroom was voluntary.

According to one of the men’s attorneys, everything was agreed upon. Martin’s lawyer, Ben Ortega, declared to several local media outlets that Martin was “completely innocent.” All three of them just engaged in consenting behavior. False are the claims that it wasn’t mutually agreed upon. We’re going to find out why she’s accusing them in error. It’s unfortunate for these people that these bogus accusations are attempting to ruin their life as excellent firefighters.

The woman’s sister, who worked as a lieutenant with Albuquerque Fire Rescue, knew Portillo and Martin, according to an investigation, and it was she who initiated the introduction that resulted in the day at the golf tournament. The sister’s phone was later checked by police, who found a number of texts that appeared to refer to the disputed incident.

In a message to the sister of the victim, Portillo claimed he was “upset with” himself and that “one thing led to another and alcohol influenced questionable decisions.” The criminal complaint claims that Heyman also texted the sister to apologize if he had betrayed her trust and to express his deep concern for her.

Then, beginning July 18, police discovered messages between Heyman and Martin. Heyman allegedly wrote, “I don’t think she wants anyone knowing about it. Martin allegedly said, “I would hope it doesn’t get out unless the worst happens or we mention it.” “Which I never will.” Heyman allegedly responded with the following statement: “I’ll never say a word about it to anyone and I’m sure [Portillo] is on the same page.”

The following search terms were allegedly typed by Heyman via Google on August 7: “how long does dna stay in vagina.” After the allegations were made public, all three firefighters were given administrative leave. Martin eventually left the organization. Fire Chief Emily Jaramillo stated in a statement, “We were made aware of APD’s criminal investigation in July and took immediate steps to launch an internal investigation to see if the employees violated AFR policies.”

“The three workers were given administrative leave right away. The claims were concerning, therefore we decided a full inquiry was required to ascertain the truth. We are treating these accusations seriously and are fully collaborating with APD detectives. We shall respect the judicial process and refrain from commenting on specifics of the matter now that criminal accusations have been brought in court.

Prosecutors asked for and were granted each suspect’s pretrial detention during the hearing on Thursday. According to Heyman’s lawyer Jason Bowles, his client “has committed no crime and is innocent of these charges.”In comments to KOB, Portillo’s lawyer, Heather LeBlanc, lamented the choice to hold him until trial. In a previous statement, she stated that Angel Portillo “adamantly maintains his innocence in this matter.”

He has devoted his life to serving others and is a well-respected firefighter in our neighborhood. He is fully aware of the seriousness of these accusations, and he has given law enforcement his entire cooperation throughout the ongoing investigation. To guarantee that the truth is revealed in the face of these accusations, we will forcefully defend ourselves.

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