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The Queens young woman who went missing on New Year’s Eve on her way home from work has been found safe. Adamaruis “Yuri” Garcia, a restaurant worker in Queens, New York, returned to her home Thursday “in good health,” five days after she went missing, according to police. No other information about her location was provided.

Yuri had last been seen at the Queensboro Plaza station at 11:15 p.m. m. on a northbound N train on Saturday, December 31. Her mother reported her missing on Monday. Garcia worked at a Manhattan restaurant until 9 p.m. the night she disappeared. Jessenia Robles, her cousin, said that before she left, she talked with her boyfriend and made plans to meet at her home in Queens.

Adamaruis Garcia Age

Adamaruis Garcia is 24 years old.

Incident Detail

Jessenia Robles, her cousin from her Pennsylvania, came to Queens to help search for Garcia and distributed flyers announcing her disappearance throughout the city Wednesday. She commented that Garcia’s prolonged lack of communication with her family was “very out of character,”

NBC News reported. Garcia “never left for a long period of time without anyone knowing,” according to Robles. “I don’t think she was gone for a long period of time,” she added. “Four days without contacting anyone, especially her boyfriend.”

Her family, perplexed by her, spoke to various media sites as the police searched for Yuri, describing her personality and sharing her story. Initially, her cousin Tannia Illescas claimed that Garcia usually uses the R train but that she had just gotten off a northbound N train at Queensboro Plaza. ”

Usually she doesn’t do transfers,” she said, according to WCBS-TV. “Usually she takes the R [train].” It takes her about five minutes to walk from the R line. The police also investigated whether she left the station. Jessenia said it was strange that Garcia went so long without being “active on social media,” according to NBC News.

“Usually she is active on social media. She has never been gone for a long period of time without anyone knowing,” Jessenia stated. However, there has not been any information on what exactly happened. Garcia allegedly called his family to inform them that his phone was dying before leaving the subway.

Speaking with People previously, Garcia’s uncle, Cesar Robles, said that after work he would hang out with his friends before returning home with a coworker. Police reviewed cameras in the area and claimed Garcia was there around 11:45 p.m. m.

According to an earlier report, Garcia’s mother claims that she last spoke to her daughter at 9:00 p.m. m. that night. “I’m working, Mom,” she said, Teresa recalled. “At 10 p.m. I texted him saying, ‘Where are you? Come eat,’” she stated. “But she never responded.”

As soon as they learned she was missing, relatives from Pennsylvania rushed to help. Pictures of Garcia began circulating near the subway station where she disappeared and authorities were trying to find out if she left the station on New Year’s Eve. “We want to see her,” her uncle Cesar told People.

“We don’t know if anyone knows where she is. If anyone sees her, please call us and let us know.” “At 10 p.m. I texted him saying, ‘Where are you? Come eat,’” she stated. “But she never responded.” Her uncle seemed to be very close to Garcia. He told people, “She’s like my daughter. I talk to her all the time.”

César describes her as a young woman with a bright future. He claimed that Yuri is known for always being cheerful. “She’s always happy,” he said. She goes to school during the week. She works part time on the weekends. She has a bright future ahead of her.”

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