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The local prosecutor’s office said a 34-year-old heroin addict killed his 70-year-old mother and burned her remains outside the $900,000 home they shared in affluent Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Adam Howe was taken into custody after the Cape Cod SWAT team raided the home Friday night. Family friends who wanted to check on Susan Howe’s welfare called police at the home in Truro.

The local fire department was called to the scene at the same time the welfare check was requested due to a report of a fire. According to Tara Miltimore, assistant district attorney, “a family member had called and asked to see how the residence was doing.” according to Cape Cod Times. According to a source close to the family, both Adam and his wife were heroin addicts. The defendant lived with his mother who was about to expel him for his drug use.

Adam Howe and Susan Howe Age

Susan Howe is 70 years old.

Adam Howe and Susan Howe Incident Detail

When police arrived on the scene, they quickly realized the fire was caused by a dead body burning, according to a joint news release from the police department and prosecutor’s office. Adam had been standing near the fire but fled when police arrived.

He was arrested shortly after. Responding officers identified the person on fire as Adam’s mother. Adam claims to have previously worked as a chef at numerous establishments in Vermont and Massachusetts on his LinkedIn page. He made an appearance with Anne Burrell on an episode of ‘Chef Wanted’ on the Food Network in 2012 and also wrote about food for the publication Southern Vermont Landscapes.

He is studying English at Castleton University, according to the most recent update to that profile, and previously attended Emmanuel College in Boston to study English literature. The Truro government issued a statement following Howe’s death.

It read: “Our hearts are heavy with the news that we have lost a beloved member of our community, Susan Howe.” She added: “Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends at this time of tragic loss. We are following the lead of law enforcement as they investigate this tragedy and have no further comment at this time.”

District Attorney Michael O’Keefe told the Boston Globe that his office is requesting that Howe be removed from police custody and placed in a mental health facility. “We have to prove, affirmatively, in any subsequent legal proceedings that this guy was sane at the time of the crime. We want the assessment to be made as close as possible to the actions that resulted in someone’s death.”

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