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Actress Anne Heche was taken off life support on Sunday, August 14, after health officials identified suitable organ recipients. Heche, who was 53 years old, died a week after she was seriously injured in a car accident, which took place while she was “high on cocaine”. The drug was reportedly found in Heche’s bloodstream after the accident, but she had not been drinking alcohol. She had been photographed with a bottle of vodka in her cup holder.

Heche was declared brain dead days after the accident in which her car burst into flames. Heche was kept on life support even after her death to preserve her organs until recipients were found. Sources told TMZ that surgeons removed multiple organs over the weekend. It is not clear what these are or how many. Heche is survived by her sons Homer and Atlas.

Actress Anne Heche Age

Actress Anne Heche was 53 years old.

Actress Anne Heche Cause of Death

Initially, LAPD was treating the accident as a possible felony considering the woman whose house the car crashed into sustained injuries. The woman, Lynne Mishele, was inside the house at the time. It is not clear how serious Mishele’s injuries were. However, police have now announced that “no further investigative efforts will be made in this case” but “any information or records that have been requested prior to this turn of events will be collected as it arrives as a matter of formality.” “. according to People.

After Heche’s death, a representative for her family told TMZ, “We have lost a bright light, a kind and joyful soul, a loving mother and a loyal friend. Anne will be sorely missed, but she lives on through her beautiful lives.” sons”. the iconic work of it and the passionate defense of it. Her bravery for always standing up for her truth, spreading her message of love and acceptance, will continue to have a lasting impact.”

Meanwhile, Mishele expressed her grief and sent a message to the family and friends of the late actress in an Instagram post. “The news of Anne Heche’s death is devastating. Her family, her friends and her children especially have suffered a great loss and my heart goes out to them,” Mishele said in a video post on Instagram. “This whole situation is tragic and there are really no words. I’m sending love to everyone involved,” she added. Before the accident, Mishele had been helping her dog to heal from cancer. A GoFundMe was created for Mishele, who narrowly escaped physical harm in the accident. The house, however, was completely damaged.

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