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On Friday, January 6, 25-year-old Abby Zwerner was critically shot in the chest by her six-year-old student. Subsequent investigations have revealed that the student pulled the trigger when Zwerner tried to confiscate the gun. The first grade teacher, who is now stable, was intentionally shot during an argument. Multiple witnesses, most of them young schoolchildren, have expressed their shock and fear following the incident.

Brittaney Gregory, whose son was in the class when Abby Zwerner was shot, told the Washington Post: According to Police Chief Steve Drew, the six-year-old student was taken into custody. While Drew believes the gruesome shooting was the result of a fight whose cause has yet to be determined, he is certain it “was not an accidental shooting.” It is also unclear how such a young child managed to gain access to a weapon.

Abby Zwerner Age

Abby Zwerner was 25 years  old.

Abby Zwerner  Cause of Death

The victim, first grade teacher Abby Zwerner, is being hailed as a hero for possibly saving the lives of the other young students by ordering them to leave the classroom immediately. At around 2 p.m. Friday, a 25-year-old first-grade teacher was shot by one of her own students during an alleged argument.

Abby Zwerner, a teacher at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, is currently receiving treatment at Riverside Regional Medical Center, according to the Washington Post. Parents of witnesses have told the media that the incident has left the children scarred and afraid.

Brittaney Gregory, whose son was in the class when the shooting began, told the Washington Post that her son was “still in shock” and has had nightmares since that day. Gregory further claimed that she has been thinking about taking her son to a therapist:

Zwerner, who had instructed the students to leave the room immediately during the incident, is apparently her son’s favorite teacher. She often left encouraging notes in her backpack. Recalling some of the notes, Brittaney Gregory said the teacher used to write things like:

Fifth grader Novah Jones, who was attending a class in another classroom, told CNN: Novah Jones still has “flashbacks” of the incident and she said she found it hard to sleep that night because she was afraid the boy “still had the gun and was coming to my house.”

Abby Zwerner’s shooter is in police custody. However, professionals believe there is very little chance of the six-year-old being prosecuted. Andrew Block, an associate professor at the University of Virginia School of Law, told The Post that an adult in his home country could face misdemeanor charges if the gun belongs to a family member, since according to the state law, guns must be protected from minor children. of 14

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