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According to officials, a father of two from California who had served in the Marines was fatally shot and killed Friday morning while operating an Uber vehicle. According to authorities, Aaron Orozco, 38, picked up two passengers that early in the day and made an unspecified stop at a Lynwood 7-Eleven before getting into a physical fight with them.

According to police, one suspect shot Orozco in the upper torso. The suspects then escaped in Orozco’s car, which was later discovered nearby by law enforcement. At the site, Orozco’s death was confirmed. His wife, Sandra Medina, a son, age 9, and a daughter, age 3, are also left behind. “I just feel like I’m in a nightmare. It doesn’t seem real to me,” Medina said to Fox 11.

Aaron Orozco Age

Aaron Orozco was 38 years old.

Aaron Orozco Cause of Death

My kids still believe that their father will enter through the door even though I haven’t even told them yet. Orozco has already finished three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan while stationed at Camp Pendleton. According to Medina, who works as a nurse, her husband started working nights for Uber so he could take care of their kids while she was at work.

We were high school sweethearts who were married for ten years, according to Medina, who spoke to FOX 11. Before the incident, Orozco had been employed by Uber for four years and had never experienced any problems. This continued until the morning of March 24.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Uber said: “We have reached out to offer our sympathies. Our hearts are with Mr. Orozco Figueroa’s family as they cope with this terrible tragedy. We have banned the rider’s account and are collaborating with police on their investigation.”

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