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The father of the Colorado Springs mass shooting suspect, Anderson Lee Aldrich, thought his son was dead until just six months ago, he told the media in a confusing interview. Aaron Brink, the 48-year-old father of the Q Club shooting suspect, told the media in a somewhat rambling interview that he “praised” his son for his “violent behavior” as a child and believed he had committed suicide in 2016. .

“I thought he was dead. I was sorry for the loss of him. He had gone through a meltdown and I thought I had lost my son,” Brink told CBS 8. Brink is a former MMA fighter and adult film star. He has struggled with a severe methamphetamine addiction in the past. He believed his son had been dead for six years until he received an angry phone call from him six months ago.

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Aaron Brink is 48 years old.

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Aldrich’s father also shed light on the upbringing of his son. “I praised him for his very early violent behavior. I told him it works. It’s instant and you’ll get immediate results,” Brink said. Brink told the outlet that his family is “Mormon” and “conservative Republican.” He said that the first fear he had after hearing the news was that his son is gay.

“You know that Mormons are not homosexual. We are not homosexual. There are no homosexuals in the Mormon church. We are not homosexual,” Brink said. Public defenders representing Aldrich, accused of killing five people and wounding 17 more in the gay nightclub shooting, describe the 22-year-old in court documents as “non-binary.”

Brink expressed remorse for what his son is accused of doing: “There’s no excuse to go and kill people. If you’re killing people, there’s something wrong. It’s not the answer.” “Sorry about your loss”, Brink. he said of the families of the victims. “Life is so fragile and valuable. Those people’s lives were valuable. You know, they’re valuable. They’re good people, probably. It’s not something you kill someone for. I’m sorry I let my son down.”

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