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Zuhyr Hamza Kaleem and Jose Varela Wiki – Zuhyr Hamza Kaleem and Jose Varela Biography

In a case involving “some marijuana and a couple hundred dollars,” a 24-year-old Texas man was given a 45-year prison term for his part in the burning death of a former high school buddy, whose burned remains were discovered in a shallow burial a year later.

After confessing to murder on April 27, 2019, Jose Varela was given a 45-year prison term. Zuhyr Hamza Kaleem, 22, was killed that day. In a statement, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said that “this was a premeditated murder that left a family wondering what happened to their loved one for more than a year.” “We were able to bring this horrible case to justice with the assistance of the victim’s family and outstanding police work.”

Zuhyr Hamza Kaleem and Jose Varela Age

Zuhyr Hamza Kaleem was 24 years old and Jose Varela is 18 years old.

Zuhyr Hamza Kaleem and Jose Varela Incident Detail

In order to transact marijuana, Varela and Kaleem, who were classmates at Cypress Lakes High School, arranged to meet at Varela’s house. When Kaleem came, Eric Aguilar and Varela locked the garage door to finalize the deal, and Aguilar then shot Kaleem to death. According to Aguilar, Kaleem pulled a revolver on them, and when he tried to remove it, the gun went fire, local ABC affiliate KTKR reported.

Prosecutors claim that Varela and Aguilar transported Kaleem’s body to Grimes County, where his remains were burned. Then, according to police, Varela drove Kaleem’s automobile to Mexico where he abandoned it. A report of a missing person was made by Kaleem’s relatives. According to KTRK, they were perplexed by the absence of their son, a student at Lone Star College with aspirations of attending the University of Houston.

Just like, what actually occurred, though? Then, Kaleem Ahmed, his father, stated. “We are aware of his intended destinations, including a friend, a restaurant, and a location. Just being gone for so long is rare for him. Varela was connected to the case, according to the prosecution, after the victim’s brothers utilized their knowledge as software engineers to pinpoint him as Kaleem’s last contact, according to authorities.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office reported the discovery of Kaleem’s remains on a Grimes County farm and the filing of charges in the murder one year after the incident, according to officials. In November, Aguilar was given a life sentence without the possibility of release. Austin Walker, a third suspect, is still facing trial. On Thursday, he is scheduled to appear in court. According to KTRK, a fourth man who resided on the property where the bones were discovered allegedly confessed to burying the body and was charged with tampering.

The victim’s brothers and law enforcement are actively looking for Kaleem, according to assistant district attorney Tiffany Dupree. “These defendants thought they had gotten away with murder and had moved on with their lives, but they had not counted on the victim’s brothers and law enforcement being relentlessly pursuing Kaleem’s whereabouts,” she said. ”

The remains of their loved one were burned because of some marijuana and a few hundred dollars, after a year of waiting and praying for them to return home. In order for Kaleem to “attain eternal good deeds by helping those in need,” his family and friends organized a campaign to erect a water filtration facility in Pakistan. “Those who knew him personally will tell you how much Zuhyr was a light in their lives,” the website stated.

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