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On Friday, February 10, 17-year-old Utah teen Zoe McKinney died after falling 30 feet from a cliff in Kane Creek Canyon along the Moab Rim Trail. According to The Independent, the incident occurred at approximately 4:10 p.m. m. Friday, when Zoe McKinney was hiking the Moab Rim Trail with her friends.

According to the City of Moab Police Department, as the teens were walking, McKinney slipped and fell, seriously injuring her. Fox reported that right after McKinney went down, friends of hers called 911, before trying to find a way to reach the 17-year-old. However, police stated that there was no viable route for the teenagers to use, and first responders had to rappel down to reach it.

Zoe McKinney Age

Zoe McKinney was 17 years old.

Zoe McKinney  Cause of Death

However, when they reached McKinney, the teen succumbed to her injuries and died.According to KUTV, Moab Deputy Police Chief Lex Bell said Zoe McKinney’s death has left the city in mourning. According to reports, she was a popular member of the small town community.

According to Lex Bell, Zoe McKinney was a senior and a cheerleader at Grand County High School, where she was supposed to receive an award on the day of her death. In a statement made on behalf of the Moab Police Department, Police Chief Jared Garcia said:

McKinney’s friend, Iryss, told Fox News that the victim was a caring student who wanted to become an EMT in the future. Llyod Gist, Zoe McKinney’s boyfriend of 12 months, told NBC that she would be sorely missed. Gist told NBC that he and McKinney had planned to move in together after finishing high school.

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