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Zac Efron looked unrecognizable when he was seen filming his upcoming movie ‘Iron Claw’. In photos obtained by the Daily Mail, his appearance was a far cry from his days on ‘High School Musical’ or even ‘Baywatch’. He looked like he had put on considerable weight and sported a bowl cut as he walked to his vanity bus wearing a blue towel around his waist.

He also looked like he had tanned for the role of him. The fans, of course, could not keep quiet and reacted to the photos. In the film, Efron will play the famous wrestler Kevin Von Erich. They also shared how excited they were to see Von Erich portrayed on the big screen.One person tweeted, “Not sure how Zac Efron was going to get Kevin Von Erich out…” while sharing the photo of Efron on set. Another said:

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Zac Efron is 35 years old.

Incident Detail

“This is nothing like Kevin, everyone shut up!” Another said: “This looks like what they’re looking for. My first reaction to seeing it was Kerry’s upper body with Kev’s haircut.” Another user tweeted: “Zac Efron doing a wrestling project is something I never imagined ??????”

Others shared his reaction to the whole project, for some it was a new discovery, while others are simply excited to see how the film turns out. “Wait, what? Von Erich has a movie/movie coming out?” said one to which the OP replied, “Yes, initial work is starting.” Another user said: “Great they’ve already started filming. I remember the movie announcement but thought it would be further in the distance.

Good to see it’s not languishing in development hell or something.” and OP replied in the affirmative saying, “Yes, I am very pleasantly surprised to see that it is moving forward so quickly.” Many fans couldn’t help but compare Efron’s look to Von Erich’s younger brother, Kerry. “Reminds me more of Kerry. This looks pretty convincing though. Lips like Kerry is what I’m interested in seeing,” one person tweeted.

The OP replied: “Lip as Kerry is going to be very interesting. My confidence in this project just increased a lot.”  In another thread, a user said, “I really wanted him for Kerry Von Erich when it was announced, I thought he had a great structure to play him. Then Jeremy Allen White as Kevin Von Erich, not only physically, but he’s also the best actor of the three, at least in my opinion. The OP responded, “I can see Kerry’s face in Jeremy Allen White’s, so I can see where they’re going with that choice.

That casting was when I really had some faith in this.” Another user tweeted: “I also see the face the reason I wanted the change was more because Jeremy has the acting ability to portray everything Kevin has to go through in his life and I like Zac Efron as an actor who has grown “. in me, but for the role of Kevin, I don’t think he’s good enough.”

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