Young Thug and Mariah the Scientist Relationship, Are They Still Dating?

Young Thug And Mariah The Scientist Relationship

While Young Thug and Mariah the Scientist’s relationship has faced challenges, including Thug’s incarceration and legal proceedings, Mariah’s unwavering support and their shared experiences have strengthened their bond. Despite the uncertain future, their commitment to each other remains evident, and they continue to navigate their relationship with resilience and optimism.

Young Thug And Mariah The Scientist Relationship
Young Thug And Mariah The Scientist Relationship

Young Thug and Mariah the Scientist Relationship

According to the source,Mariah the Scientist on the Way Up With Angela Yee podcast, she revealed, “I think in the beginning I was so sensitive about it. I was so emotional, I was crying all the time. It was like you can’t be crying when you got a man in jail because it’s going to make him sad. So you can’t be acting like that.” This demonstrates her commitment to supporting Thug during his time behind bars.

Mariah emphasized that she visits Thug in the Cobb County Jail once a week and they maintain daily communication via phone calls. She expressed her dedication, stating, “It’s almost like jail solidified our relationship. I’m willing to wait it out because I feel like he’s the one. If I didn’t see that in him, I probably wouldn’t.”

The couple’s connection was evident during Thug’s ongoing YSL RICO trial in Atlanta. Video footage captured a touching moment where Thug, visibly moved, mouthed “I love you” to Mariah, affirming their bond even amidst legal proceedings.

Despite the challenges, Mariah remains optimistic about their future together. In an interview with the Baller Alert Show, she expressed her belief that Thug intends to propose once he’s released from jail, indicating their commitment to each other.

Are Mariah the Scientist and Young Thug Still Dating?

Young Thug and Mariah the Scientist’s relationship has been under the spotlight, especially since Thug’s incarceration in May 2022. Despite the challenges posed by his legal troubles, Mariah has been vocal about the strength of their bond, even suggesting that jail has solidified their relationship.

Creative Collaboration

Their relationship extends beyond personal support, with Mariah and Thug collaborating on music together. Mariah spoke about the intimacy of creating music with Thug, describing it as “one of the most intimate things you can do.” Their collaborations serve as a testament to their shared experiences and emotions.

However, their future together faces uncertainty as Thug’s trial unfolds. With the trial expected to last several months, the outcome could significantly impact their relationship. Thug faces serious charges, including racketeering, drug, and gun charges, with potential consequences of up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

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