Wyoming Swim and Dive Deaths: Wyoming Swim and Dive Tragedy Took Three Lives of Wyoming Swimmers

Wyoming Swim And Dive Tragedy Took Three Lives

In a devastating turn of events, the University of Wyoming’s swim and dive community is grappling with the loss of three promising lives. The tragic incident occurred on U.S. Highway 287, about 10 miles south of the Wyoming-Colorado border.

The victims, identified as Charlie Clark, Carson Muir, and Luke Slabber, were members of the university’s swim and dive teams. This heartbreaking incident has sent shockwaves through the Wyoming community and beyond.

Wyoming Swim And Dive Tragedy Took Three Lives
Wyoming Swim And Dive Tragedy Took Three Lives

The Victims: Promising Athletes Remembered

The three student-athletes, Charlie Clark (19), Carson Muir (18), and Luke Slabber (21), were vibrant members of the Wyoming swim and dive community. Clark, a sophomore from Las Vegas, was studying psychology and a valued member of the men’s team.

Muir, a freshman hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, was pursuing studies in animal and veterinary sciences and contributed to the women’s team. Slabber, a junior from Cape Town, South Africa, was studying construction management and was also part of the men’s team.

Wyoming Swim and Dive Deaths

The single-vehicle accident occurred around 2:34 p.m. local time, leading to the untimely demise of the three young swimmers. The university stated, “Initial indications are that the driver swerved and the vehicle went off the road, rolling multiple times.

The accident is under investigation.” Two other members of the men’s swimming and diving team sustained injuries but were fortunately not in life-threatening condition.

Condolences and Support

In response to this heartbreaking news, the University of Wyoming expressed condolences in a Facebook post, extending sympathies to the families, friends, and the entire UW community affected by this tragedy.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon also shared his condolences on X (formerly known as Twitter), urging everyone to keep the families and loved ones in their thoughts during this difficult time.

The university’s faculty, staff, and leadership have come together to mourn the loss of these young athletes. University president Ed Seidel expressed deep sorrow, stating, “Words are insufficient to express our sadness.”

Tom Burman, the school’s director of athletics, emphasized the close-knit nature of the University of Wyoming family and highlighted the availability of counseling services for those in need.

Wyoming Swim and Dive Tragedy Took Three Lives of Wyoming Swimmers

This isn’t the first time tragedy has struck on U.S. Highway 287. The stretch between Livermore and Virginia Dale has been dubbed the “Highway of Death.” In 2001, eight members of the Wyoming cross-country team lost their lives in a crash on the same highway.

The recent incident has raised concerns, prompting the Colorado Department of Transportation to initiate a safety study of the highway.

The Wyoming women’s swimming and diving team, despite the tragedy, is competing at the Mountain West championships in Houston. Coach Dave Denniston conveyed the team’s devastation, reflecting the broader impact on the tight-knit swim community.

In this time of grief, the University of Wyoming is providing resources and counseling services for those affected, emphasizing the importance of supporting one another through this challenging period.


The Wyoming swim and dive community is left grappling with profound grief and loss following the tragic car crash that claimed the lives of Charlie Clark, Carson Muir, and Luke Slabber. As investigations continue, the university and its community rally together to provide support and strength to those affected by this devastating incident.

The echoes of this tragedy will undoubtedly resonate within the Wyoming swim and dive family for years to come.

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