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In light of four University of Idaho students who were brutally murdered in Moscow, Idaho, the curious death of Wil Hendrick (a former University of Idaho student) shares striking similarities as the killers in both cases have not been identified until the moment.

Wil’s body was recovered three years after the murder in 1996 and the case remains unsolved for lack of evidence. In the most recent, four students were found dead in their rented house. On January 10, 1996, Wil, a 25-year-old student at the University of Idaho, disappeared from a party at the intersection of Almond and C Street in Moscow.

Wil Hendrick Age

Wil Hendrick was 25 years old.

Wil HendrickĀ  Cause of Death

He had a boyfriend named Jerry Schutz. After Wil’s disappearance, Schutz spent every day waiting for Hendrick to come home. In 1999, when Wil’s skull was discovered in the woods of eastern Latah County three and a half years after he went missing, his death was classified as murder.

Wil’s killer has yet to be found or apprehended. An evening once filled with laughter and friends turned into one full of unanswered questions when Wil disappeared after a fashion party in 1996. Interestingly, his vehicle was discovered parked downtown after a week.

His office keys were still inside and the wheels were muddy. Wayne Rausch, the lead investigator on the case, claimed the car’s driver and passenger windows had rolled down a few inches. Because there were cracks, the cold winter air seeped in and washed away any possible fingerprints that might have served as evidence.

Duke and Latah County Sheriff Wayne Rausch speak about the case frequently. They are currently reviewing the physical evidence and may eventually resubmit it to the state crime lab for analysis using more modern methods. When Hendrick disappeared, Rausch was a detective in the sheriff’s office, but was removed from the investigation by Jeff Crouch, the sheriff at the time.

A trucker and a hitchhiker were eventually considered the two main suspects in the case by the Moscow Police Department. Wil’s father, Keith, who died in 2021, expressed his grief in an interview with The Lewiston Tribune in 2008. Keith said he wasn’t sure if his son’s sexual orientation contributed to his death. .

But he stressed that Moscow is often a gay-friendly city. Every holiday season, according to Keith Hendrick, is difficult because his son’s birthday falls on Christmas Eve and not because he disappeared during that period. “(Wil) really liked Moscow,” Keith Hendrick said.

“Several people from the gay community came forward to help with the search.” Although Keith claimed that he was not vengeful for the fact that his son’s killer had not been caught, he was concerned that the person was still free to harm others. He will kill one or two more in his life. We know God will take care of this one, but we’d like to get caught so he doesn’t do more,” he told The Lewiston Tribune.

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