Who is Remi Bader’s Boyfriend? Is Remi Bader Broke Up? Who is She Dating Now?

Remi Baders Boyfriends Keyveat Postell

If you have a deep affinity for TikTok influencers, chances are the name Remi Bader sounds familiar. The content creator and model is known for her realistic clothing hauls and has garnered millions of followers on the short-form video platform.

Remi Baders Boyfriends Keyveat Postell
Remi Baders Boyfriends Keyveat Postell

Who is Remi Bader’s Boyfriend?

As usual, fame — especially in the social media space — comes with a fascination about an influencer’s love life. Many influencers have no qualms about being open with their romantic lives, while others are partial to privacy. On that note, Remi has been in a relationship with Keyveat Postell since September 2022.

According to his LinkedIn, Keyveat Postell is a UPenn graduate who works in finance. In a Sept. 4, 2023, Instagram post, Remi celebrated the first anniversary of their relationship.

“In a Sept. 4, 2023, Instagram post, Remi celebrated the first anniversary of their relationship.”

Is Remi Bader Broke Up? Who is She Dating Now?

Despite being in a committed relationship, Remi Bader has been quite selective about sharing details about her romantic life. She has chosen not to tag or mention her boyfriend by name in her posts, preferring to keep certain aspects of her relationship private.

Interestingly, throughout Remi’s anniversary posts and other posts featuring her man, she does not tag him or mention him by name. So while we all know that Remi is off the market, it seems she prefers to keep certain details to herself.

Remi Bader’s Boyfriend’s Name

The TikTok creator, who went viral on the app for her realistic clothing hauls and now boasts more than 2 million followers, appeared on Dear Media’s Not Skinny but Not Fat podcast and shared insights into her decision to maintain privacy around her relationship.

“I’ve been very not sure what to do about all this,” Bader said of how to handle having a public relationship. “I’ve asked a lot of friends who have boyfriends in the industry, and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, if you can, keep it private.’”

Bader shared that she met her boyfriend on the dating app Lox Club last June, and they’ve “talked every day since.”

Who is Remi Bader Dating Now?

As a public figure, Bader has found it difficult to navigate having a relationship where so many people are judging from the outside. She admitted to untangling herself from photos the two of them are in on social media and refraining from tagging him in any of her content.

“I decided I needed to focus on him, and no one knows about our relationship,” she said of moving past it.

Despite the challenges, Bader has included her boyfriend in several TikTok videos (fewer than on Instagram), inviting him to participate in some of the trends with her. The response she’s gotten from followers has been incredible.

“My followers who have followed my whole journey, and I talk about being 27, being single, there’s no timeline,” she said, adding, “My followers are just so excited for me.”

While Remi Bader’s relationship with Keyveat Postell has been a source of curiosity for many fans, Bader has chosen to maintain a level of privacy around her personal life. Despite the challenges of being in the public eye, she remains focused on her relationship and the support she receives from her followers.

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