Who Is Maxx Morando? Maxx Morando Age, Height, Nationality, and Girlfriend

Maxx Morando With Miley Cyrus

Maxx Morando emerges not just as a versatile musician but as a noteworthy figure in Miley Cyrus’s life. The details about his age, height, nationality, and relationship with the pop star provide fans with a comprehensive view of the man behind the music.

Maxx Morando With Miley Cyrus
Maxx Morando With Miley Cyrus

As the couple continues to navigate the spotlight, followers can expect more glimpses into the fascinating world of Maxx Morando.

In the dynamic world of celebrities, the name Maxx Morando has been making waves recently, especially in connection with pop sensation Miley Cyrus. Let’s delve into the details to answer the burning questions about Maxx Morando’s age, height, nationality, and his role as Miley Cyrus’s current boyfriend.

“He is a versatile musician. While best known as the drummer for Liily (and for the Regrettes, from 2015 to 2018), Morando can also play guitar, per an Instagram Live post in 2020,” as reported by source.

Maxx Morando Height

When it comes to physical attributes, Maxx Morando stands tall at “5 feet 8 inches.” This detail, extracted from various sources, gives fans a glimpse into the musician’s stature.

Maxx Morando’s Nationality and Age

Born in the year “1998,” Morando is making his mark in the entertainment industry. “His zodiac sign is Libra, and his ethnicity is White.” A musician, drummer, singer, and fashion designer, Morando brings a mix of talents to the table.

As for his age, being born in 1998 makes him “six years younger than Cyrus.” It’s intriguing to note that their birthdays are closely aligned, with Morando being a Scorpio born on “Nov. 16,” while Cyrus falls under the Sagittarius sign, born on “Nov. 23.”

Miley Cyrus Girlfriend

In the realm of celebrity relationships, Miley Cyrus and Maxx Morando’s romance has been in the spotlight since 2021. Cyrus is currently dating the fellow musician, and the couple’s public appearances have fueled romance rumors.

The two first caught the public’s attention when they attended the “Gucci Love Parade” fashion show hand in hand. This relationship status was succinctly captured by the source.

Miley Cyrus’s Tribute to Maxx Morando

During one of her performances, Miley Cyrus seemingly directed lyrics to her boyfriend Maxx Morando. The 25-year-old musician was reportedly in attendance, as evidenced by photos shared by attendees on various platforms. This intimate connection between the two adds a personal touch to their public personas.

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