Who is Love Is Blind Cast Jessica? Know Everything About Jessica Vestal

Jess Vestal

Jessica Vestal’s journey on Love Is Blind season 6 may have had its challenges, but she continues to captivate audiences with her authenticity and unwavering spirit. Follow her on Instagram to stay updated on her latest adventures and see where her journey takes her next.

Jess Vestal
Jess Vestal

Who is Love Is Blind Cast Jessica Vestal?

Jessica is an executive assistant and contestant on Love Is Blind season 6. She joined the Netflix show with the hope of finding her future husband, who she hoped would embrace her daughter as well as her. Someone who couldn’t accept her daughter would be a deal-breaker for Jessica because they are a package deal.

Jessica Love Is Blind Birthday

During the filming of Love Is Blind season 6, Jessica was in her 29th year, but since the filming occurred some months ago, it’s reasonable to deduce that by the time her birthday rolled around on December 22, 2023, she had entered her 30th year.

Meanwhile, Jimmy, one of her romantic interests on the show, was 28 years old, while Chelsea, another love interest, was 31 at the time of filming.

Jessica Love Is Blind 6 Instagram

If you’re curious about what Jessica is up to now, you can check out her Instagram page With around 300k followers, she keeps her fans updated with her latest endeavors and glimpses into her personal life.

This season of Love Is Blind has been particularly eventful, with four couples now engaged and one already calling it quits before their big day. Jessica found herself in a love triangle, and even a love square involving Trevor, Chelsea, Jimmy, and herself.

Jessica initially found a connection with Jimmy in the pods, but things took a turn when she revealed that she has a daughter several dates in. Despite this, they decided to move forward, and Jessica even gave him a heartfelt letter she had written to her “future husband.”

However, Jessica’s hopes were dashed when Jimmy ultimately chose to propose to Chelsea instead of her. Disappointed and frustrated, Jessica expressed her feelings, telling Jimmy that he would need an EpiPen after realizing what he had missed out on.

In a subsequent interview, Jessica elaborated on her feelings, stating: “I said, ‘You’re gonna choke when you see me.’ I didn’t mean it in just the physical sense of the word. I meant in every sense of the word, because I know how much I have to offer someone.”

Despite the ups and downs of her Love Is Blind journey, Jessica remains resilient and focused on finding the right person to join her and her daughter’s lives. As a single mother, she prioritizes her family and is determined to put herself first in the pursuit of love and happiness.

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