Who is Lala Anthony? Lala Anthony Age, Height, Ethnicity, Real Name and Wiki

Lala Anthony

When it comes to versatility in the entertainment industry, La La Anthony stands out as a prominent figure. Born Alani Nicole Vázquez, this American television personality and actress have made a significant impact on various platforms. Let’s delve into the key aspects of her life, including her age, height, ethnicity, and real name.

Lala Anthony
Lala Anthony

Who is La La Anthony?

Alani Nicole “La La” Anthony, born on June 25, 1982, is an American television personality and actress.

With a career spanning from being an MTV VJ on Total Request Live in the early 2000s to hosting popular reality television reunion shows on VH1, La La Anthony has become a household name. She has also showcased her acting prowess in films like “Two Can Play That Game” (2001), “You Got Served” (2004), and “Think Like a Man” (2012).

La La Anthony Age and Height

Lala Anthony, at the pinnacle of her career, proudly embraces her 41 years of life. Born on 25th June 1982 in Brooklyn, New York, she has become an influential figure in the entertainment industry.

In addition to her undeniable talent, Lala Anthony stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters). This stature complements her commanding presence on both the big and small screens.

Lala Anthony Ethnicity

Lala Anthony’s ethnicity adds a rich layer to her identity. Born to parents of Puerto Rican heritage, who were themselves raised in the vibrant streets of New York City, Lala proudly identifies as an Afro-Puerto Rican. This cultural fusion has undoubtedly contributed to her unique charm and global appeal.

Her parents, who are of Puerto Rican heritage, were born and raised in New York City. Anthony (who describes herself as an Afro-Puerto Rican) has a younger brother and two younger sisters.”

Lala Anthony Real Name

Behind the glitz and glamour, Lala Anthony’s real name is Alani Vazquez. This revelation adds a personal touch to the celebrity persona, showcasing the woman behind the fame.

Lala Anthony Real Name is Alani Vazquez.

Lala Anthony Wiki

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, La La Anthony was a child involved in various activities, with music being her primary interest. This passion eventually led her to a career in the entertainment industry.

La La Anthony’s journey in the entertainment world began at the age of 15 when she started working in radio at WHTA-FM, HOT 97.5 in Georgia. Her career took off as she cohosted “Future Flavas” alongside rapper/actor Ludacris while still in high school.

Moving to Los Angeles at 19, she cohosted “The B-Syde” on 92.3 The Beat. Her transition to MTV came in 2001, where she cohosted “Direct Effect” and “Total Request Live.” Beyond her on-screen presence, La La Anthony has delved into production, contributing to Mike Tyson’s documentary, “Tyson,” and producing a feature film with Brett Ratner.

Her filmography includes notable works like “Two Can Play That Game,” “Think Like a Man,” and “Baggage Claim.” La La Anthony’s involvement in the off-Broadway production of “Love Loss and What I Wore” in 2011 and her executive production of “La La’s Full Court Wedding” showcase her multifaceted talent.

La La Anthony is not limited to the screen; she has ventured into the beauty and fashion industry. In 2012, she launched a cosmetic line, followed by a clothing line in 2013. Her entrepreneurial spirit extends to writing, with several books to her name.


From her early days as an MTV VJ to her current role in 50 Cent’s series “BMF” as Markeisha Taylor, La La Anthony’s journey in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of remarkable.

Her diverse talents, coupled with her entrepreneurial ventures, make her a force to be reckoned with. As she continues to evolve in her career, La La Anthony remains an inspiration for aspiring individuals in the entertainment world.

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