Who Is Kristin Cavallari Dating Now? Kristin Cavallari’s Dating History

Mark Estes And Kristin Cavallari 1

Kristin Cavallari, the reality TV sensation, has been in the public eye since her teenage years. As of now, she has taken a break from the dating scene in Nashville, referring to herself as a “monk” in the dating world. Despite past relationships with notable figures like Chase Rice, Jeff Dye, and Tyler Cameron, Kristin has not confirmed a current romantic partner.

Mark Estes And Kristin Cavallari 1
Kristin Cavallari new boyfriend Mark Cavallari

Who Is Kristin Cavallari Dating Now?

As of now, Kristin Cavallari is not dating anyone specific. She has shared that she’s taking a break from the dating scene in Nashville and has even referred to herself as a “monk” when it comes to her dating life.

Although she has been linked to various people in the past, including country singer Chase Rice, comedian Jeff Dye, and Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron, she has not publicly confirmed a current romantic partner.

Kristin Cavallari’s main focus right now is on her children and her new podcast, “Let’s Be Honest With Kristin Cavallari,” where she discusses relationships and lifestyle topics. For the time being, her priority is not dating, but rather enjoying her life as a mom and exploring new ventures in the world of podcasting.

Kristin Cavallari’s Dating History

Stephen Colletti

Kristin’s dating history dates back to her high school years, notably with Stephen Colletti. Their romance was documented on the hit reality show “Laguna Beach” in 2004, and even though the relationship didn’t last, they got “really close” while hosting a rewatch podcast, “Back to the Beach”.

Talan Torriero

During her time on “Laguna Beach,” Kristin was also romantically involved with Talan Torriero. The complexities of high school relationships were heightened as she admitted to cheating on Colletti with Torriero, creating a dramatic dynamic within the cast.

Matt Leinart

In her late teens, Kristin dated NFL player Matt Leinart, showcasing her diverse taste in partners. The relationship, which started during the filming of “Laguna Beach,” provided insight into her life beyond high school drama.

Brody Jenner

Before her appearance on “The Hills,” Kristin dated Brody Jenner, adding another high-profile ex to her list. The two briefly reconnected in 2021 while filming “The Hills: New Beginnings”.

Nick Lachey

Kristin’s brief romance with 98 Degrees member Nick Lachey followed his well-publicized split from Jessica Simpson in 2006. Despite the short-lived nature of their relationship, they maintained a friendly connection, even sharing a laugh over coincidentally naming their children Camden.

Nick Zano

A short-lived romance with “What I Like About You” star Nick Zano followed in 2006-2007. The relationship was marked by the actress getting a tattoo of his initials on her wrist, which she later removed after their breakup.

Justin Bobby Brescia

Kristin’s on-screen romance with Justin Bobby on “The Hills” was revealed to be mostly for show. Co-star Audrina Partridge claimed the relationship was manufactured for the cameras, adding a layer of complexity to reality TV dynamics.

Jay Cutler

Kristin’s most significant relationship was with NFL player Jay Cutler. The couple married in 2013, welcomed three children, but announced their separation in April 2020. Reflecting on the divorce, Kristin expressed that it was “the best thing” she had ever done.

Jeff Dye

After her separation from Cutler, Kristin was linked to comedian Jeff Dye. Their relationship, though described as “super hot and fiery,” eventually fizzled out after a few months.

Chase Rice

Kristin’s brief connection with country musician Chase Rice in August 2021 added another layer to her dating history. However, she clarified on Instagram that she was not in a serious relationship at the time.

Tyler Cameron

In November 2023, Kristin spoke about a past tryst with Tyler Cameron, describing him as the “hottest” guy she had ever hooked up with.

Mark Estes

The latest addition to Kristin’s dating history is Mark Estes. In February 2024, she went Instagram official with the 13-years-younger former football player, describing him as someone who makes her happy.


Kristin Cavallari’s dating journey has been a rollercoaster of high-profile relationships, starting from her teenage years in “Laguna Beach” to her recent connection with Mark Estes. As she takes a break from the dating scene, her focus remains on her children and her podcast, “Let’s Be Honest With Kristin Cavallari”.

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