Who Is Jonathan Davino? Jonathan Davino Age, Height, and Wikipedia

Jonathan Davino

In the glitzy world of Hollywood, celebrity relationships often become the subject of intense scrutiny. One such power couple that has been making headlines is Sydney Sweeney and her fiancé, Jonathan Davino.

Recently spotted together at an Armani Beauty event in New York City, the couple has faced rumors and speculation about the state of their relationship. Let’s delve into the life of Jonathan Davino and separate fact from fiction.

Jonathan Davino
Jonathan Davino

Who Is Jonathan Davino?

Jonathan Davino, born in 1983, is a 38-year-old American entrepreneur and restaurant owner hailing from Chicago. He gained prominence through his long-time relationship with the renowned actress Sydney Sweeney. The couple, often under the media spotlight, has faced recent rumors of a potential affair, notably with Sweeney’s co-star Glen Powell.

On April 25, a source reported to TMZ that despite the rumors, Sweeney and Davino are still together, attributing the perceived flirting to the promotional activities for Powell and Sweeney’s upcoming romcom, “Anyone But You.”

Jonathan Davino Age

Jonathan Davino is a 38-year-old entrepreneur and restaurant owner hailing from Chicago. Dismissing rumors about his involvement in the restaurant industry, Sydney Sweeney emphasized in a Glamour UK interview, “He’s not a restaurateur; he’s a business guy from Chicago.”

Jonathan Davino Height

In terms of physical attributes, Jonathan Davino stands at 5? 9” (175 cm). Beyond the gossip and rumors, it is believed that he resides in Chicago, and his family owns a device technology and packaging company named 14th Round and Final Bell.

Jonathan Davino Wikipedia

Jonathan Davino’s Wikipedia page sheds light on his background and accomplishments. A successful entrepreneur and restaurant owner, he has been a notable figure in the Chicago business scene. His relationship with Sydney Sweeney catapulted him into the limelight, particularly after being spotted together in Maui, Hawaii, in November 2020.

Davino’s early life reveals that he was born into a business family in 1983. After attending a reputed university in Chicago, he ventured into managing his father’s restaurant, eventually establishing himself as a respected figure in the restaurant industry.

Addressing the speculation about Davino’s occupation, Sweeney clarified in a December 2023 interview with Glamour UK, “He’s not a restaurateur. I have no idea where that came from. He’s also not the heir of a pizza company.

He’s a business guy.” This refutes previous claims about Davino’s ownership of two Chicago restaurants, Mista Pizza and Pompei Xpress, both of which have reportedly closed.


In conclusion, Jonathan Davino emerges as a mysterious yet accomplished entrepreneur, restaurant owner, and partner to Sydney Sweeney. While rumors and speculation may surround the couple, it’s essential to rely on verified information.

As they navigate the challenges of being in the public eye, Davino and Sweeney continue to show a united front. For those eager to learn more about Jonathan Davino’s biography, wiki, family, age, net worth, and other facts, his Wikipedia page remains a valuable source of information.

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