Who is Cayley Jenner? Is Cayley Jenner Pregnant?

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Cayley Jenner, a Malibu native, has recently made headlines, particularly for her relationship with Brandon Jenner and the news of their expanding family. Let’s delve into the background of this intriguing personality.

Cayley Jenner and her Husband
Cayley Jenner and her Husband

Who is Cayley Jenner?

Born and raised in the scenic coastal city of Malibu, California, Cayley Stoker (now Jenner) holds a deep-rooted connection to her hometown. She attended both Our Lady of Malibu and Malibu High School, embodying the quintessential Malibu lifestyle.

In a statement to the Malibu Times in 2022, Cayley expressed her fondness for her hometown, emphasizing, “I’ve been here my whole life and I love it. It’s the best place in the world and now I have a family.”

Is Cayley Jenner Pregnant?

Speculations regarding Cayley Jenner’s pregnancy have been circulating, and recent reports confirm the exciting news. Cayley and Brandon Jenner, already parents to twin sons Bo and Sam, are expecting again. The couple shared their joyous revelation in an exclusive interview with People magazine.

According to the source, Cayley broke the news to Brandon in December, following two pregnancy tests. “When I went to tell Brandon that night as we were getting ready for bed he beat me to the punch,” Cayley revealed.

Cayley Jenner's Pregnancy was announced in an IG reel and Comments
Cayley Jenner’s Pregnancy was announced in an IG reel and Comments

“I had the tests in my pocket and I was going to just lay them down as he was brushing his teeth, but before I could do it, he looked at me and said, ‘So how pregnant do you think you are?’ I was floored.”

The couple shared a moment of laughter and excitement, contemplating the possibility of twins again. Cayley reminisced about the conception, describing it as “cute and special,” having occurred on Thanksgiving. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to embark on this journey once more.

The Growing Family

Brandon Jenner, son of reality star Caitlyn Jenner and Linda Thompson, shares a blended family with Cayley. Following his divorce from Leah in 2019, Brandon and Cayley tied the knot in 2020. Their expanding family includes Eva, Brandon’s daughter from his previous marriage, and their twin sons, Bo and Sam.

The gender of their upcoming addition remains a surprise, echoing their decision with their previous pregnancies. “We are just over the moon to be adding another baby to the family, and we can’t wait to meet him/her,” Cayley expressed to People.

Sharing the Joy

Eager to involve their children in the excitement, the couple devised a heartwarming Christmas surprise for Eva. Cayley recounted the moment, stating, “We wrapped a onesie and gave it to her on Christmas Eve while her brothers were napping, and as soon as she saw the onesie, she knew.” The family’s shared joy and anticipation for the newest member are palpable.

A Growing Household

The Jenner household is not only expanding with human additions but also boasts a diverse array of pets. With 14 pets, including 11 chickens, the family’s home in Malibu is a lively and dynamic environment.

The upcoming pregnancy will be chronicled on the family’s Unchained TV plant-based cooking streaming series, “At Home with the Jenners,” providing viewers with glimpses into their journey.

Cayley Jenner’s journey, from her Malibu roots to her expanding family, showcases a tale of love, laughter, and anticipation. As she and Brandon prepare to welcome their newest bundle of joy, their story continues to captivate audiences, resonating with themes of family, joy, and togetherness.

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