Who is Brooke Williamson? Brooke Williamson Age, Height, Ethnicity, Nationality and Wiki

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Brooke Williamson, a renowned American chef and restaurateur, has carved her path to success in the culinary world. Born in 1978 in Los Angeles, Williamson’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring. Let’s delve into the facets of her life, exploring her age, height, ethnicity, nationality, and more.

Brooke Williamson 3
Brooke Williamson

Who is Brooke Williamson?

Brooke Williamson, born in 1978, is an accomplished American chef and restaurateur. Her culinary prowess led her to victory in season 14 of the esteemed US television reality cooking competition series Top Chef. Notably, she owns several restaurants in the Los Angeles area, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the culinary arts.

Brooke Williamson’s Age

Brooke Williamson, born on August 15, 1978, is currently 45 years old, showcasing her dedication and achievements in the culinary world over the years.

Brooke Williamson HeightAnd Nationality

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters), Brooke Williamson maintains a dynamic presence in the culinary scene, both in stature and expertise.

With pride, Brooke claims American nationality, reflecting her roots in the diverse culinary landscape of the United States.

Brooke Williamson Wiki

Brooke’s culinary journey took a significant turn when, at the age of 19, she became a sous chef at Michael’s, a renowned Santa Monica restaurant. Her talent and dedication led her to become the executive chef of Zax in Brentwood in January 2001. It was here that she met her husband, Nick Roberts, who served as her sous chef.

In 2003, the dynamic duo opened Amuse Café, marking the beginning of their venture into restaurant ownership. Over the years, they expanded their footprint with establishments like Hudson House in Redondo Beach and the Tripel in Playa del Ray, showcasing their culinary prowess. However, the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic led to the closure or departure from some of their ventures.

In 2014, Brooke and Nick opened Playa Provisions, showcasing their resilience and commitment to the culinary scene. Beyond restaurants, they’ve ventured into Da Kikokiko and a kitchen supplies shop named Tripli-Kit. Together, they co-own the hospitality group Company for Dinner, solidifying their influence in the culinary industry.

Brooke Williamson’s presence on television has been equally remarkable. She has participated in the US version of the cooking competition reality show Top Chef twice. Notably, she secured victory in season 14, demonstrating her culinary prowess. Her resilience was evident as she returned from Last Chance Kitchen to reach the finals against Shirley Chung.

Brooke has also showcased her skills on Top Chef Duels, Knife Fight, and Guy’s Grocery Games. Her expertise extends beyond cooking, as seen when she served as a judge on BBQ Brawl and assumed the roles of host and mentor on MTV’s House of Food. In 2020, she achieved another milestone by winning the first Tournament of Champions cooking reality competition.


In conclusion, Brooke Williamson’s journey from an early interest in cooking to becoming a renowned chef and successful restaurateur is a testament to her dedication and talent. As a multifaceted personality, she continues to inspire aspiring chefs and enthusiasts alike with her culinary creations and television presence.

The age, height, ethnicity, and nationality of Brooke Williamson contribute to the fascinating narrative of a chef who has truly made her mark in the culinary world.

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