Whiterock BC Shooting: Shooting Incident in White Rock Residential Area

Whiterock Bc Shooting

In a terrifying turn of events, the quiet residential area of White Rock, BC, was shaken by a shooting incident that left four men in serious condition. The incident unfolded on the 15000-block of Roper early Thursday morning, involving a black BMW SUV and a white Toyota Rav4.

Whiterock Bc Shooting
Whiterock Bc Shooting

Whiterock BC Shooting

A video circulating online captures the intensity of the incident, showing the Rav4 and the BMW targeted on a driveway. The assailant, armed with what seems to be an automatic weapon, emerges from behind a hedge, unleashing a hail of bullets.

The chaos unfolds as two men exit the Rav4 from the passenger side and another from the driver’s side, while the black SUV attempts to escape the gunfire.

Mary Smith, a witness to the shocking incident, described the harrowing scene, stating, “It was dark, but I assume it was a man, standing there shooting, I saw flashes coming out of his gun.”

Residents React to the Terrifying Night

Residents in the area, like Mary Smith and her family, were jolted awake by the sudden eruption of gunfire. The Smith family, residing in a home with a unique reverse floor plan, found themselves during the chaos. “It was right outside my window, it was nerve-racking,” one of Smith’s daughters expressed. The family huddled together, unsure if their home was the target.

Emergency Response and Aftermath

Promptly after the shooting, the Smith family dialed 911, leading to a swift response from law enforcement and emergency services. Ten police cars and two ambulances flooded the scene, with paramedics rescuing two injured individuals from the bullet-riddled SUV.

The aftermath revealed the severity of the attack, with the BMW’s airbag deployed and the Toyota Rav4 bearing bullet holes and shattered windows. An eyewitness counted over 40 bullet holes in the driver’s side of the SUV, emphasizing the intensity of the assault.

Shooting Incident in White Rock Residential Area

While investigators believe the shooting was targeted, the motive remains unclear. White Rock RCMP Const. Chantal Sears stated, “Investigators believe the shooting was targeted, but they were not saying whether it was tied to the Lower Mainland gang war.”

Shooting Incident In White Rock Residential Area
Shooting Incident In White Rock Residential Area

Community Shock and Concerns

The tight-knit community of White Rock is grappling with shock and fear. Residents who had never encountered such violence in their peaceful neighborhood are now confronted with the grim reality. A young woman, initially mistaking the gunfire for fireworks, expressed her distress, saying, “Of course I’m shaken. I’ve never heard gunshots before.”

As the investigation unfolds, there are additional concerns about a vehicle fire in South Surrey later that morning. While it’s too early to confirm a connection to the White Rock shooting, it adds an element of mystery to an already shocking incident.

Seeking Answers and Healing

The shooting incident in White Rock has left the community in a state of shock. As residents grapple with the aftermath and investigators work tirelessly to uncover the motive, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of violence even in the most tranquil neighborhoods.

The coming days will shed light on the details surrounding this disturbing event, and the community hopes for swift justice and a return to the peace they once knew.

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