What Happened to StaleKracker? What Did Stalekracker Do?

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TikTok fame can be fleeting, and for Stalekracker, the journey has taken an unexpected turn. Justin Chiasson, known by his social media moniker Stalekracker, has recently found himself amid legal troubles, raising questions about his future as a popular TikTok star and Louisiana state trooper.

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The Rise of Stalekracker

Going down a TikTok rabbit hole can produce a high like no other, and Stalekracker has been one of the stars captivating audiences with his catchphrases and delectable recipes. Justin Chiasson, the man behind Stalekracker, has turned his cooking hobby into a serious TikTok presence, touring across Louisiana and beyond.

What Happened to StaleKracker?

Although it seems like some pretty serious consequences may be coming Justin’s way, it looks unlikely that he’ll be arrested. He fled the scene and failed to report the incident, but it was his friend who was driving the boat.

“We won’t know what punishment he’ll receive until the disciplinary hearing, but it seems possible that he could end up losing his job,” reports suggest. He hasn’t posted on TikTok in almost a week, and additional reporting suggests that the internal investigation kicked off in part because Justin refused to take a lie detector test.

They reported that information out based on messages they’d received from Justin’s wife, who also said that Justin hadn’t been allowed to tell his side of the story yet. “Now, I don’t care. LSP is a joke,” she wrote. “The news is a joke. I don’t care what they think or say anymore.”

What Did Stalekracker Do?

However, recent reports suggest that Stalekracker’s popularity might be overshadowed by a boating accident he was involved in over the summer.

According to sources, Justin was a passenger on a boat driven by Bryan Nolan when it collided with a pontoon boat in open water. Shockingly, Nolan fled the scene, leaving questions about the responsibility of both individuals.

The Aftermath

The situation took a more dramatic turn when reported that Justin Chiasson was terminated from Louisiana State Police effective January 6. The termination was based on violating the LSP’s code of conduct, including conduct unbecoming of an officer and making false statements.

Justin Chiasson has 30 days to appeal this decision, and the findings of the investigation will not be released until after that period.

Stalekracker’s Silence

Justin’s absence from TikTok for almost a week has raised questions about his future on the platform. Additional reporting suggests that the internal investigation began, in part, because Justin refused to take a lie detector test.

Messages from Justin’s wife indicate that he hasn’t been allowed to share his side of the story yet, expressing frustration with the Louisiana State Police and the media.

“Now, I don’t care. LSP is a joke,” she wrote. “The news is a joke. I don’t care what they think or say anymore.”


As the mystery surrounding Stalekracker’s legal troubles deepens, fans and followers are left wondering about the future of the TikTok sensation. Even if he attempts a comeback, the revelations about his actions and their consequences may affect how his audience perceives him.

The termination from the Louisiana State Police adds another layer of uncertainty to Stalekracker’s story, leaving many to ponder what’s next for the once-beloved social media personality.

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