What Are the Gorompeds in Spaceman?

What Are The Gorompeds In Spaceman

The recently released film ‘Spaceman’ has intrigued audiences with its unique portrayal of extraterrestrial beings known as Gorompeds. The movie, based on Jaroslav Kalfa?’s science fiction novel ‘Spaceman of Bohemia,’ introduces viewers to these mysterious creatures that play a pivotal role in the protagonist Hanuš’s cosmic journey.

The Origin of Gorompeds

In Kalfa?’s literary work, the Gorompeds are described as “ovum parasites” that invaded the planet of Hanuš in an army-sized invasion, comparable to an astronaut’s size. The Elders of Hanuš were perplexed about how to deal with these creatures, leading to their desperate escape.

The author vividly depicts the Gorompeds cracking the shells of the tribe’s future, devouring embryos as they follow Hanuš across galaxies, leaving destruction in their wake.

What Are The Gorompeds In Spaceman
What Are The Gorompeds In Spaceman

Hanuš’s Encounter with Gorompeds

In both the novel and the film, Hanuš encounters Jakub, a cosmonaut in the orbit of Earth. During their interaction, Hanuš reveals the existential threat posed by the Gorompeds. The novel explores Hanuš’s loneliness as he waits for the Gorompeds to find him, fearing their eventual arrival, which is inevitable. The creatures, described as agents of destruction, have a singular purpose: the eradication of the tribes of Hanuš.

The Devouring Menace

As the story unfolds, Hanuš shares a shocking revelation with Jakub in the movie – the Gorompeds have found a way to infiltrate his body. Fearing for Jakub’s safety, Hanuš sacrifices himself, leaving Jakub’s spaceship to let the parasites consume him.

This departure differs from the novel, where the Gorompeds also pose a threat to Jakub, swarming around him and infiltrating his suit after Hanuš’s demise.

Jakub’s Struggle and Revenge

In ‘Spaceman of Bohemia,’ Jakub’s battle against the Gorompeds extends beyond survival. Traumatized by the loss of his companion, Jakub resorts to trapping a single Goromped in a jar to torment it.

Kalfa?’s novel delves into Jakub’s daily routine, including smoking cigarettes inside and using the smoke to momentarily paralyze the captive creature. The cosmonaut takes revenge, inflicting pain on the Goromped as a way to cope with his grief and anger.

The Lingering Fear

Even after being rescued by the crew of another spaceship – Russian in the novel and South Korean in the film – Jakub remains haunted by the fear that Gorompeds might be breeding within him. The possibility of these extraterrestrial parasites lurking within him, ready to consume him as they did with Hanuš, adds a layer of suspense and tension to the narrative.

The Gorompeds in ‘Spaceman’ are not just extraterrestrial creatures; they symbolize the destructive forces that can disrupt the fabric of life. Jaroslav Kalfa?’s masterful storytelling, brought to life in both the novel and the film adaptation, explores the psychological and emotional impact of encountering such otherworldly threats.

As viewers and readers journey through the cosmic tale of Hanuš and Jakub, the Gorompeds serve as a haunting reminder of the unknown dangers that may await us in the vast expanse of the universe.

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