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A Tanzanian high court on Friday sentenced 11 people to death for the murder of a well-known conservationist in the East African country more than five years ago. Anti-poaching activist Wayne Lotter, described as a “hero to many” for his anti-poaching efforts, was shot dead in August 2017 while riding in a taxi in Dar es Salaam, the commercial capital of Tanzania. .

Among those sentenced to death are nine Tanzanians and two citizens of neighboring Burundi. Tanzania has not carried out an execution in decades. Poachers in Tanzania target various wild animals including elephants which are often killed for their tusks. Lotter was a director and co-founder of the PAMS Foundation, a non-governmental organization that said it had helped train thousands of game scouts in Tanzania and developed an “intelligence-based approach” to combat poaching that was successful in countering the wildlife trafficking.

Wayne Lotter Age

Wayne Lotter was 51 years old.

Wayne LotterĀ  Cause of Death

Krissie Clark, who co-founded the foundation with Lotter, told CBS News in 2019 that his colleague had received multiple death threats for his work with PAMS before he was killed.

“If we really want to take down this illegal wildlife trade, we have to go after the blood supply; we have to stop the money at the heart of this crime,” Clark told CBS News.

After the announcement of the sentences, Clark released a statement saying that she and her colleagues were relieved that the trial was over.

“Wayne’s murder and the sentencing of the eleven defendants should serve as a reminder to all that poaching and wildlife crime is devastating to all of us,” she said. “It destroys Tanzania’s extraordinary natural heritage and harms families and communities. Wildlife crime doesn’t pay.”

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