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Victor Oquendo, also called Animal, is a 31-year-old American executioner who has spent time in jail since around 2010 and has served 12 years in Michigan, USA.

Scheduled to give birth in 2034, Oquendo apologizes for his wrongdoing at the Macomb Correctional Center in Michigan and hopes to continue a normal daily life once he is released.

Is Victor Oquendo still in jail? Oquendo is serving his sentence in jail; he was sentenced to 24 years in prison for two gang hits and three set robberies.

The prisoner apologizes for the wrong he did and feels very upset about what he did; In addition, he is a craftsman and makes tattoos in the jail of the Macomb Correctional Center in Michigan.

In addition, Victor will be eligible for parole in 2034, but can stay until 2052. All things being equal, his beloved has started an application for pardon, which has won more than 26,000 marks for each Mirror.

Víctor Oquendo’s arrest and murder charges Víctor was captured for killing two opponents in a gang attack and has served 12 years of his sentence, which also accounts for three furniture thefts.

The convict took the lives of two men in 2010 when he was just 19 years old in a group shooting and, since then, he has always tried to live with himself and has night terrors.

Oquendo’s mother was a survivor of his father’s endless measures of abuse, and he was in daycare from an early age. In addition, the packs of Detroit became his family and gave him the opportunity to function in the city, which ended in a life of crime.

Meet Naomi Oquendo, Victor Oquendo’s wife Naomi is Victor’s dazzling wife, who is serving her sentence in a prison; she met her soul mate through a site where one can keep in touch with a detainee.

They met online as part of the 27-year-old’s directing course and mentored one more man before reaching Victor; she thought he is exceptionally attractive. They had arguments this way and through messages and eventually succumbed to each other.

The detainee proposed to her several times before she finally agreed when he sent her a huge bouquet of lilies and roses with a dark velvet ring box; on paper, Oquendo asked her to marry him, and she was more than happy.

Also, the couple has yet to walk down the aisle; they refer to each other as a couple as they prepare for marriage and hope to lock the group up in jail. The various wait for the day when they can finally be together and start a family.

Victor Oquendo Age and details from Wikipedia Oquendo, nicknamed Animal, is a 31-year-old American convict whose date of birth is not on the web, so we don’t know anything about when he celebrates his birthday.

The convict had a marked record for killing two people as a high school senior; He was only 19 years old when he ended the existence of honest people while growing up with packs in Detroit, which made him a criminal from the start.

He was captured in 2010 and sentenced to 24 years in prison, of which he served 12 years, and is still in jail to finish his discipline. Victor is upset by his wickedness and has dreams and desires to have a day-to-day life with a regular job, house and family.

According to his dear Naomi, the killer loves sweets, and what he likes to do the most is shock music and draw. Also, his number one shade is green, while annoyance he knocks on doors and enjoys irresistible laughter.

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