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A court heard about a lady who was raped by an investment banker she met on Bumble after telling him she hadn’t had sex on their first date. Varun Venaik, 31, allegedly forced her into her £1 million flat after giving her a kiss and other intimate touches.

Venaik, an Australian, denies raping the woman in his Marylebone basement. The alleged victim described how she attempted to push Venaik away during his “bludgeoning” attack while testifying today at Southwark Crown Court. She continued by saying that she had been “scared and anxious” all through the ordeal.

Varun Venaik Age

Varun Venaik is 31 years old.

Varun Venaik Incident Detail

Before going back to his flat, Venaik had a meeting with his alleged victim in a Marylebone pub. She said to Orla Daly that she had been “waiting” to see Venaik in an effort to defend herself. Venaik convinced his victim that she had to leave after getting there, but he later met up with her at Baker Street station, where she consented to spend additional time with him.

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The claimed assault allegedly took place while he was in his flat for the second time. She claimed that he once forced her head downward. He was very violent in pushing my head down that evening, the woman claimed. On a first date, I distinctly recall saying, “I don’t have sex. I recall being very clear before that I didn’t want to engage in sexual activity.

She said: “I was taking the weight off my body from him.” when describing the alleged assault. When asked if she had touched him in a private way, she replied, “I’m sure I didn’t touch his penis.” “I recall being incredibly afraid and anxious. He didn’t want his fear and anxiety to be apparent.

Later, she informed her pals of what had occurred through SMS. “I told them that something had happened, and I’m feeling very uncomfortable.” The court was informed that woman texted a friend and wrote, “I didn’t think rape looked like this.” The rape is denied by Vaneik, of Upper Montagu Street.

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