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A Texas woman who admitted to killing her ex-boyfriend’s 5-year-old son by beating him to death with a “blunt object” while under COVID-19 quarantine received a 52-year jail sentence. After serving half of the sentence, the 31-year-old defendant Theresa Raye Balboa will be eligible for parole.

The victim’s mother, Sarah Olson, expressed her fury that the defendant would have the chance to leave prison. Samuel Olson was the victim. She admitted to what she had been doing for 52 years today, and according to KTRK, she had a 26-year chance of being granted parole. She still has a shot at one year of life whereas my son didn’t even get six? Not justice, this.

Theresa Balboa Age

Theresa Balboa is 30 years old.

Incident Detail

Balboa initially claimed that Samuel was missing, but the defendant quickly tried to blame the boy’s abduction on his mother. Police reported that Balboa claimed she turned the child over to the biological mother at the direction of a police officer after the officer threatened to arrest her.

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“In a June 1, 2021 interview with KTRK, Balboa stated, “I was going to take Sam to school when his mother walked up with the police officer, or who I was under the idea to be a police officer, and they asked me to release Sam.However, records reveal that when the alleged encounter took place, authorities discovered surveillance footage of Sarah Olson at her own home.

Officers reported that Balboa claimed she was unable to or was unaware of the reasons why this was the case. Officers claimed that after Samuel was slain, the defendant enlisted the help of her flatmate Benjamin Rivera to move Samuel’s body to a storage unit. Prosecutors in Harris County claim that Samuel’s remains were later discovered in a hotel room in Jasper, Texas.

Sarah Olson allegedly said, “You took my life,” during the victim impact statement. “I’ll never be able to find closure due to the condition the body was returned in. I was unable to hold him for one final time. Olson passed away before turning six.Records indicate that the evidence tampering case against Rivera is still pending. On July 19, a hearing for him is slated to take place.

Samuel’s father, Dalton Olson, was reportedly visibly furious in court and sat with his hands clenched, according to KTRK. Before the victim impact comments, he left the room. “Why?” Balboa was previously addressed by Dalton Olson via a KPRC story from 2021. He was really in love with you. I have no idea what transpired. Why did you do this, exactly?

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