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Following the second mass shooting in Serbia this week, in which at least eight people were murdered and 13 were injured, police have detained a 21-year-old suspect. Uros Blazic was named as the culprit by the local media. He was apprehended following a nine-hour manhunt involving more than 600 police officers, elite anti-terror units, dogs, drones, and a helicopter.

Bratislav Gasic, the interior minister, referred to the attack on Thursday night as a “terrorist act” after a man driving through a city and two towns south of Belgrade while equipped with an automatic rifle opened fire. It happened the day after the bloodiest school massacre in recent Serbian history, in which Kosta Kecmanovi, 13, shot and killed nine people at a Belgrade school, including eight other students.

Uros Blazic Age

Uros Blazic is 21 years old.

Uros Blazic Incident Detail

The shooting victim who was the youngest was 15 years old. Other victims include a 21-year-old off-duty police officer named Milan Panic and his younger sister.The shooter appeared to have shot some of his victims randomly in the villages of Malo Orasje and Dubona as well as the town of Mladenovac.

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“It was awful. He opened fire ruthlessly. He pulled over and started shooting in bursts,” a local told the Informer newspaper. We felt as though we were watching a horror film. According to reports, the shooter was able to flee by grabbing a taxi driver and forcing him to operate the vehicle while threatening him with a hand grenade.

Prior to this week, 13 people were slain in Mladenovac by a 60-year-old war veteran named Ljubia Bogdanovi in an act of mass shooting.Serbia, which begins a three-day period of national mourning on Friday, is in shock as a result of the back-to-back atrocities.

Thousands have flocked to memorial sites while others have lined up to donate blood. After the attack on Friday, Milan Prokic, a resident of the town of Dubona, remarked, “I heard some tak-tak-tak.” According to him, he initially believed that the locals were celebrating a childbirth by shooting, as is customary in Serbia.

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