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Five Memphis police officers who brutally beat Tire Nichols, who later died, appeared before a judge in court on Friday, February 17, and pleaded not guilty to murder and assault charges. The lawyer for one of the police officers claimed that as a “black man in the United States”, he was being persecuted for unfair reasons.

Along with his attorneys, Officers Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Tadarrius Bean, Desmond Mills Jr, and Justin Smith appeared in Shelby County Criminal Court in Memphis, Tennessee. The five who will return to court in May have now pleaded not guilty to charges of manslaughter and murder, the Daily Mail reported.

Tyre Nichols  Age

Tyre Nichols  was 29 years old.

Tyre Nichols   Cause of Death

Police officers shielded their faces while wearing COVID-19 masks during their court appearances. The murder case was adjourned on Friday and the court hearing ended a few minutes after it began. Judge James Jones Jr addressed the courtroom, explaining that “this case may take some time,” while asking everyone for their “continued patience” and “continued civility.”

Jones said: “We understand that there may be some strong emotions in this case, but we ask that you continue to be patient with us,” adding, “everyone involved wants this case to be concluded as quickly as possible. But it is important that everyone understands that the State of Tennessee, as well as each of these defendants, have an absolute right to a fair trial.”

In court, Nichols’ mother RowVaugh Wells and her stepfather, Rodney Wells, along with their lawyer Ben Crump were present at the hearing and it is the first time the Nichols family has come face to face with law enforcement officials. police. Desmond Mills Jr’s lawyer spoke to reporters outside of court and told them that he should not be “wrongly convicted of murder” and claimed that he was innocent.

Attorney Blake Ballins then went on to explain the justice his client deserves, saying: “The heart of the nation is full of pain. These emotions need to be channeled into the way we police our communities. My client is a black man in court in the United States “This is a country where black people are seven times more likely to be wrongly convicted of murder than white people.

Much has been said about how the system has failed Mr. Nichols. I will work to make sure the system doesn’t let Mr. Mills down. Justice for Mr. Nichols will not come at the expense of justice for Mr. Mills. I implore the public that he be patient and cautious,” according to the Daily Mail.

Body camera footage of five Memphis police officers who attacked Tire Nichols on January 7 has been released, revealing that he had to wait 22 minutes for an ambulance after the brutal assault. He was arrested for what the police claimed was a case of reckless driving.

The officer who was part of ‘Scorpion,’ a crime suppression team, stopped Nichols’ vehicle and struck him as he exited his vehicle. Nichols yelled for his mother as the officers kicked him and attacked him with a baton. On January 10, three days after the incident, Nichols died at the hospital where he was treated.

All five were fired following an internal investigation and Memphis Police Director Cerelyn ‘CJ’ Davis, who created the ‘Scorpion’ and later disbanded the unit. In addition to the five police officers, a white officer involved in the incident has been fired and an additional officer has been suspended, according to the New York Post.

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