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A WOMAN who mysteriously disappeared received chilling threats before her disappearance. Typhenie Johnson, 25, has not been seen for nearly six years amid fears her ex was to kill her, leaving her family devastated and without answers as disturbing details of her last hours emerge.

Her ex Chris Revill has been jailed over her disappearanceCredit:

Her ex Chris Revill has been jailed over her disappearanceCredit: Police Handout
He disappeared from Texas at the hands of his ex, whom his mother Deb claimed he controlled.

Deb told News Nation Now: “He would tell you what to wear, what was appropriate to be with him, what you should look like, don’t wear makeup if you’re alone.”

Typhenie JohnsonKilled

“I told him that if he ever hurt her, he would kill him. And this is where we end.” Typhenie was last seen on a fall afternoon in October 2016 talking to her ex-boyfriend Chris Revill outside her Fort Worth apartment.

Her aunt Janelle Hofeldt said: “I was very jealous of Typhenie. Typhenie and I had conversations about Chris. If something didn’t go his way, it was Typhenie’s fault, always Typhenie’s fault.” After dating for six months, Typhenie ended the relationship.

Sergeant John Phillips

Sergeant John Phillips said lead detectives were looking at a 90-minute window. He said: “It was a missing person. It was a probable kidnapping. It was all wrapped up in the relationship they had.”

“Once we started interviewing Chris, yeah, we knew (it was him). “Because of the answers he was giving to the questions, we knew he was misleading about specific events and that led us to suspect something bad had happened to Typhenie.”


Revill was arrested that night and in 2019 he was convicted of aggravated kidnapping.

He was sentenced to life behind bars after he was also linked to the disappearance of a second ex-girlfriend, 20-year-old Talibaah Islam, who also disappeared from Fort Worth in 2006.

Phillips said: “I can tell you emotionally that I and many detectives who have worked on this case envisioned it together.

“I mean it’s just that they’ve become inextricably linked due to the circumstances of her disappearance.” Cops believe Revill killed both women and hid their bodies in wooded areas, though no evidence was ever found.


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