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Tyler Roenz And Michelle Roenz Wiki – Tyler Roenz And Michelle Roenz Biography

A 17-year-old Texas teen was arrested for homicide on Oct. 14 after cops removed his mother’s body from the trunk of her car after the teen allegedly chased police at high speed. Tyler Roenz was reportedly carrying the body of 49-year-old Michelle, who police believed was killed in a brutal attack after police discovered four of her teeth inside her home.

The couple were initially reported missing from their Texas home on October 13 after Roenz’s father, Manfred, came home to a bloody scene. He reportedly said he entered the home through the garage and discovered a trail of blood and at least four more teeth between the garage and the bedroom, next to the living room, according to court documents obtained by The Daily Mail.

Tyler Roenz And Michelle Roenz Age

Michelle Roenz was 49 years old.

Tyler Roenz And Michelle Roenz Incident Detail

Manfred told investigators after he entered his residence in the 14700 block of Birch Arbor Court in Humble, Texas around noon and noticed his wife had left her keys, purse and phone in her room. He told the officer that she never left the house without them. He called both his son and his wife, who did not answer and immediately called 911. Manfred used his wife’s phone to track Roenz through the Life360 app and found that the teen had deleted the app and turn off your phone.

Initial reports indicated that Michelle may have died from strangulation and blunt force trauma, according to ABC 13. Surveillance video revealed that Michelle arrived home around 10:15 a.m., leaving the garage door open. A video also showed a black Mazda parked for about an hour before someone inside the house locked the door and at around 11:45 a.m. Roenz reportedly used the same car to get away.

Manfred filed a report of unauthorized use of motor vehicles in Harris County, Texas. Manfred also discovered that Michelle’s credit cards had been used multiple times across state lines at three different gas stations in six hours, one each at Humble and Richardson in Texas, Atoka in Oklahoma and Chetopa in Kansas. After police received a tip on Oct. 14, Nebraska police spotted Tyler’s vehicle in traffic and gave chase.

After traveling about nine miles, the Mazda Tyler car hit the rear of a truck that went off the road and hit a tree near Aurora, Nebraska, according to Khou 11. He was taken to St Francis Hospital on Grand Island in condition serious. and he is expected to survive. The cause and motive for Michelle’s death remain unclear. Earlier this year, Roenz was charged with attempted sexual assault of an 18-year-old girl, according to court documents.

After picking her up, he took the phone from her and when the survivor tried to retrieve it, he flew into a rage. He then allegedly ripped her shirt off, bit her and even kicked her in the face in her car before sexually assaulting her and then pushing her out of the car in the parking lot of North Shore Senior High School. He kicked her so hard she needed stitches. She told police after the incident that she thought she might die.

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