Tulsi Gabbard On Trump: Is Tulsi Gabbard Republican or Democrat?

Tulsi Gabbard And Donald Trump 1

The political landscape in the United States is always dynamic, with unexpected twists and turns. Recently, former President Donald Trump hinted at considering Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democratic representative, as his running mate for the 2024 presidential polls.

This surprising revelation has sparked discussions about Gabbard’s political affiliation and her potential role in the upcoming elections.

Tulsi Gabbard And Donald Trump 1
Tulsi Gabbard And Donald Trump

Tulsi Gabbard on Trump

Former President Trump, during a Fox News town hall event, mentioned several names on his vice presidential shortlist, including Tulsi Gabbard. Indian-American biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy is also among the names being considered.

While Trump praised all the individuals on the list, it’s essential to note that Trump’s statements are often off the cuff and may not necessarily indicate a final decision.

Vivek Ramaswamy, who had initially backed out as a Republican presidential candidate, has expressed his support for Trump. However, Trump’s acknowledgment of Gabbard, a former Democratic representative, adds an interesting twist to the potential vice presidential candidates.

Gabbard’s decision to leave the Democratic Party has drawn reactions from various political figures. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, a Republican, applauded Gabbard’s move, labeling her an “independent maverick”. He suggested that her departure might indicate a broader trend of individuals distancing themselves from the Democratic Party.

As of now, Gabbard has not announced her next steps or whether she would consider joining the Republican Party. Her longstanding criticism of the two-party system and support for independent or third-party options leave room for speculation about her political future.

Is Tulsi Gabbard Republican or Democrat?

Tulsi Gabbard, born on April 12, 1981, served as the U.S. representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district from 2013 to 2021. Initially affiliated with the Democratic Party, Gabbard was the first Hindu member of Congress and the first Samoan-American voting member of Congress

. However, her political journey took a significant turn when she announced her departure from the Democratic Party in October 2022, declaring herself as an independent.

In her departure announcement, Gabbard criticized the Democratic Party, denouncing it as an “elitist cabal of warmongers”. She expressed dissatisfaction with the party’s direction, citing issues such as racializing every matter, stoking anti-white racism, undermining freedoms, and being hostile to faith and spirituality.

Gabbard invited like-minded Democrats to join her in leaving the party and emphasized her commitment to common-sense, independent-minded values.

Gabbard’s departure from the Democratic Party was fueled by her fear that President Biden and Democratic Party elites were pushing the country toward the precipice of nuclear war. Her podcast series on YouTube, titled “The Tulsi Gabbard Show,” includes an episode explaining why she left the Democratic Party.

In this episode, she expressed concern about the direction of the party and its alignment with powerful elites rather than the people.

Throughout her announcement and podcast, Gabbard echoed conservative talking points, using terms like “wokeness” and “elites”. She accused Democrats of turning American democracy into a “banana republic,” a phrase commonly used by Republican leaders.

Gabbard’s alignment with conservative rhetoric has attracted attention and speculation about her potential future political affiliations.


The potential consideration of Tulsi Gabbard as a running mate by former President Trump raises intriguing questions about the evolving nature of U.S. politics. Gabbard’s departure from the Democratic Party and alignment with conservative viewpoints further adds complexity to the political landscape.

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, Gabbard’s role and political affiliation will undoubtedly continue to be subjects of interest and speculation.

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