Tron Austin Becomes Father as He Welcomed His Daughter With His Wife

Tron Austin And Father Dallas Austin

The renowned TLC member, Tron Austin, has recently become a father as he welcomed his daughter, Lua, with his wife, Jeong Ah Wang. This joyous event has brought immense happiness not only to the couple but also to Tron’s mother, Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, who is now a proud grandmother. Let’s delve into the details of this heartwarming news.

Tron Austin And Father Dallas Austin
Tron Austin And Father Dallas Austin

Tron Austin Becomes Father

Tron Austin, aged 26, shared the exciting news on Instagram along with a heartfelt caption: “On this day March 2nd, 2024, at 1:59 pm, 6.173 LBS/2.8kg, an angel from heaven was born, our beautiful daughter LUA.” He expressed his joy and surprise at Lua’s early arrival, mentioning that she was initially expected on March 6.

Tron recounted the journey to the hospital, stating, “My wife’s water broke at 7 am, and we immediately got packed as soon as we could and headed to the hospital, which is an hour and thirty minutes drive from where we are.” He praised his wife’s bravery during an emergency C-section, expressing gratitude for the successful birth of their healthy baby girl.

The TLC singer’s son further shared the couple’s fertility journey, including two Hysterosalpingography (HSG) procedures, a hysteroscopy, removal of tubes and scar tissues from surgeries, one egg retrieval, and a previous miscarriage. Tron expressed pride in their resilience, stating, “#IVF has tested us and blessed us through a year and a half journey.”

Tron Austin Welcomed His Daughter With His Wife

Chilli, aged 53, is now a grandmother, and her son Tron has officially embraced fatherhood. Tron, in an Instagram post, shared a precious moment with his wife and newborn Lua, captioning it, “We are officially parents!!” He expressed his pride in his wife’s courage during an unexpected early delivery.

“I am so beyond proud of her bravery and courage to do this so off guard; we literally expected 3 more days, but God always has his plan first!” Tron exclaimed. He shared touching sentiments about the beginning of their family, emphasizing, “This is a dream come true.”

Chilli, who shares Tron with her ex, Dallas Austin, became a grandmother at the age of 53. The TLC singer has publicly supported her son’s journey, from announcing the pregnancy in September 2023 to celebrating Lua’s birth in March 2024.

Tron and Jeong Ah Wang’s love story began in September 2018, evolving into marriage in December 2022. Chilli’s son expressed his dedication to protect his family, stating, “I’d do whatever I could to protect these two. I’d give my own life for them in a heartbeat.”


In conclusion, the arrival of Lua has marked a joyous chapter for Tron Austin, his wife Jeong Ah Wang, and their families. Chilli, as a new grandmother, shares in the happiness of this significant moment.

Tron’s Instagram posts and heartfelt messages showcase the love and resilience that have brought Lua into their lives. This heartwarming news not only celebrates the addition of a new member to the family but also highlights the strength and unity that define their journey to parenthood.

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